CHARLESTON, SC: Patient evaluated for Ebola downgraded to no-risk

[T]his report may not have crossed your radar, but if you live in Charleston, South Carolina, then it’s probably been near or at the top of your list of ‘concerns’. We’re told that an unnamed male service member who recently returned from Liberia has been under quarantine there since Thursday. With just that sentence, one might think that MUSC (Medical University South Carolina) was performing due diligence, right? I’d concur, but the story is a bit more bizarre and honestly quite puzzling.

The unnamed military man is said to have been in Liberia for ‘only three hours’ and that he never exited the plane. Was he the pilot? Why go all the way to Liberia on a mission–remain inside the plane for three hours–and then come back to the United States…and go back to your own home. Yes, this individual was in his home when authorities came for him. Here’s what the article says:

MUSC activated the procotols after it was contacted Thursday by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) about a patient who required medical screening.

Confused? Me, too. If the serviceman knew that he needed to be ‘screened’, then why not report to a military hospital? Or at least report to MUSC directly? Since he did not, and since he probably considered his ‘risk’ to be non-existent, then who called it in to DHEC?

The Ebola story is playing out in many ways just like a novel–a script. And if so, who wrote it?

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