BOOK REVIEW: David W. Lowe’s ‘Deconstructing Lucifer’ Challenges All Our Preconceptions

David W. Lowe’s newest book is a hermeneutical thrill ride, so buckle up.

By Sharon K. Gilbert

What’s in a name? According to the Bible, names matter. They reflect who we are, what we are destined to become, and even how well we serve God. This is true of the Old Testament patriarchs, but it’s particularly true of those beings created before Adam first woke in Eden. We’ve all heard of Michael, Gabriel, and even Uriel, and Raphael. You’ve heard of Abaddon, the hideous leader of the ‘Bottomless  Pit’. Perhaps even Azazel. But we all know Lucifer—right? Oh, he’s the Devil, you might say, but—is he? David W. Lowe asks that very question in his newest book, Deconstructing Lucifer. Lowe’s concise but entertaining writing style—combined with his usual, feverish drive for digging—provides the lucky reader with a series of intriguing clues and questions regarding our preconceived notions about Eden’s sinister snake. Using Isaiah 14 in particular, Lowe—our very own hermeneutical ‘Indiana Jones’—walks us through a labyrinth of linguistics and comparative translations, so be sure to have your Bible by your side while taking this journey. Though the path winds a bit, and there’s an occasional steep climb, you’ll find it’s a journey well worth the effort. Once you arrive at the end, you may or may not agree with all Lowe’s conclusions, but you will certainly agree that he asks us all to put aside childish things and learn to search the scriptures. And you’ll have a new understanding of the infamous name, Lucifer.

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