Another Year, Another Ahmadinejad Speech

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran shakes hands with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

I’ve just spent nearly 45 minutes listening to this year’s Mahdi speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This was the president’s eighth appearance at the UN podium in as many years, and it is likely to be his last, since he does not plan to seek reelection.

Citing a world history filled with greed, war, and hegemony that reaches back to Adam, President Ahmadinejad delivered a beautifully paced and punctuated speech that depicted capitalism as the deepest evil since Eden, while portraying the third world nations as little more than chattel to the robber barons of the west. It pains me to admit that on many counts Ahmadinejad is correct. The world is indeed governed by a hegemonic if not demonic few. The current system of world government, as he insists, does reflect capitalist values and oppresses those who wish to seek peace and equality for all. As his speech pointed out, materialism, selfishness, deception, hatred, trampling of others’ rights, spreading of discord, monopolies are not meant to provide service to those governed. Referencing the ‘occupy movement’s’ mantra, the Iranian president added that the one percent only listens to the ninety-nine per cent during elections—elections bought and paid for by those who wish to ‘invest’ in governing powers.

Ahmadinejad listed the world’s faults, and many of us would agree with the majority of his analysis. However, his hatred for Israel has not diminished. He sees Israel as little more than illegal squatters in Jerusalem–with no history in the region. Surprisingly, however, his speech today did not spend nearly as much time spewing venom as Israel as expected. Instead, he waxed poetic about the injustice in today’s world situation—and he promised (as he’s done during every speech) a solution: The return of Mahdi, accompanied by Jesus Christ!

After denouncing the current United Nations organization as inept, the president called for a New World Order—one in which the members of the Non-Aligned Movement of nations (NAM) feature more prominently. In other words, he would shift us from one style of hegemony to another. And who would lead this New World? Let me quote from the simultaneous translation offered during the speech:

“Almighty God has not left us alone in this mission. God has promised us a man of kindness, a man who loves justice, a perfect man Mahdi who will come in the company of Jesus Christ…He will lead humanity into achieving its glorious and eternal ideals.”

Ahmadinejad sees the Madhi’s return as the establishment of “..a new beginning, a rebirth, and resurrection.” He goes on to say that the Mahdi’s “arrival ends oppression, poverty, and discrimination.” That it “will open the gates of science and knowledge”. The Mahdi and Jesus Christ will prepare the ground for participation of all in global management. They come “so mankind will taste the pleasure of being human”—a world where “hands will be joined, and hearts will be filled with love and thoughts of happiness, well-being, and peace for all”. These two, he told the UN General Assembly will “return all children of Adam to their innate origin after long history of separation and division…not by force, but through thought…awakening kindness in everyone”. They will “breathe new life into humanity” with a spring that will end our current winter of poverty and war. Mahdi and Jesus, he proclaimed, will end ignorance for humanity. “Spring has just begun and does not belong to any race, ethnicity, or region.”

Many a Christian prophecy scholar might well have delivered the very same speech without mentioning Mahdi, of course. Instead, Jesus Christ would be the Deliverer of Mankind—alone and without equal. And, yes, the translator said Jesus CHRIST – a curious way to describe a man whom Muslims believe did not die for anyone, but who served only as one of Allah’s prophets. Muslim eschatology teaches that Jesus will serve as a New World Order version of ‘John the Baptist’, preaching that all should worship the Mahdi, considered by Shiite Muslims to be the true Messiah of the World. Did Ahmadinejad’s original text refer to Jesus as Christ? I’d love to know.

Is there a New World Order in the wings? Is Spring in the air, as declared by Iran’s president? Considering the numerous signs that we are living in the final days before the return of Jesus Christ, it is safe to say that a ‘Mahdi’ type of individual is about to take the stage. This man will pretend to be Savior to all, and he’ll head up what appears to be a peaceful world government, where all the children will hold hands and sing praises to their redeemer—at least until they realize this man is a tyrant sent from hell. The next world leader will be a sham—an imposter—and a liar. Ahmadinejad is backing the wrong horse. Our true King will arrive at the end of this Coming Despot’s 7-year reign, and He’ll kick the living daylights out of him!

All hail our Redeemer King, Jesus Christ, who is the Alpha and the Omega. He came before as a baby, a martyr, a lamb. Next time, He’s coming as King! Even so come, Lord Jesus!


Note: After the speech concluded, I overheard someone one of the UN leaders  remark, and I quote: “It’s good to know there’s a savior who’ll take care of us.”

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