The Snake in the Glass — Part I


July 1, 2009

YESTERDAY, I wrote an article outlining the implications of HHS Secretary Sibelius’ decision to grant $35M to a small, privately owned company called Protein Sciences to produce a DNA-based swine flu vaccine. Today, I’d like to take a few moments to explain just what a DNA-based vaccine is and why you and I should be concerned.

Once upon a time, an 18th century, English physician named Edward Jenner noticed that milk maids generally were immune to smallpox. At the time, smallpox ravaged through populations, infecting most and killing one out of five infected. The standard method of prevention at that time was variolation, which involved introducing a small portion of live virus (under controlled circumstances–yeah, right) into a host, hoping the body would fend off the mild attack before exposure to the killer. Needless to say, this method had little success. Enter Jenner and his cowpox observations.

The plucky young doctor tested his theory by infecting a young volunteer with cowpox derived from the blisters on a milkmaid’s hand. The rousing success of the new ‘vaccination’ method spread like wildfire. It is important at this point to mention that Dr. Jenner studied surgery with John Hunter. John and his brother William figure–albeit tangentially–into a curious bit of forgotten history called the Hellfire Club.

The Drs Hunter ran a school of surgery in London town along with a fellow surgeon named William Hewson. Hewson’s wife, Mary ‘Polly’ Stevenson, was the daughter of Bejamin Franklin’s landlady. Apparently, Hewson and the Hunters had a falling out, which dissolved their business relationship. Hewson then established a rival ‘school’ in his mother-in-law’s home (while Franklin resided there). In fact, Hewson died in 1774–the very same year that Franklin quit the residence and returned to America. Hewson’s ’cause of death’? Septicemia contracted while cutting up an infected cadaver. Shortly thereafter, Hewson’s widow (Polly) joined Franklin in America.

Franklin, as is known in most circles, spent 17 years in England, participating in scientific and political endeavors, including the aforementioned Hellfire Club. The self-addressed “The Friars of St. Francis of Medmenham” met secretly at Medmenham Abby, a crumbling edifice purchased by Francis Dashwood. Above the entrance, participants would see the carved phrase “Fay ce que voudras” (“Do as thou wilt”) If this sounds familiar, it should. It is the first law of Theleme as described by Aleister Crowley over a hundred years later. In fact, the abbey was known to insiders as the Abbey of Theleme.

Membership included mostly Freemasons, who–within the ‘chapter room’–it is said, performed druidic rites. (See: for more). I bring all this up because Jenner studied with Hunter–Hewsons’ old partner. In 1998, the remains of numerous bodies were uncovered in Ben Franklin’s old rental digs during a renovation project. The bodies, most likely taken from graves in the 1770s, bore saw marks and drilled holes, and had probably served as practice cadavers for Hewson and his students. Both Hewson and Franklin belonged to the Royal Society (as did Jenner and both Hunter brothers). Is it possible that they shared membership in another, far more sinister group?

I bring all this up because the study of the ‘art’ of medicine has roots that reach all the way back to Genesis 6. It is here in the Bible that we learn of the time when the ‘sons of God’ procreated with ‘the daughters of men’. Though Genesis only hints at what happened during this genetic experiment, the book of Enoch ( a non-canonical book that–ironically–was removed from the final Bible at the Council of Laodicea) explains further. Enoch 1:6-9 says this:

And wickedness very long-continued and widespread pervaded all the races of men, until very little seed of justice was in them. For unlawful unions came about on earth, as angels linked themselves with offspring of the daughters of men, who bore to them sons, who on account of their exceeding great were called Giants. The angels, then, brought to their wives as gifts teachings of evil, for they taught them the virtues of roots and herbs, and dyeing and cosmetics and discoveries of precious materials, love-philtes, hatreds, amours, passions, constraints of love, the bonds of witchcraft, every sorcery and idolatry, hateful to God; and when this was come into the world, the affairs of wickedness were propagated to overflowing, and those of justice dwindled to very little. [Emphasis SKG]

The ‘virtues of roots and healing’ is listed along with many other questionable activities. The greek word pharmakeia is translated in the New Testament as ‘witchcraft’ or ‘sorcery’. No, the implication is not that medicine is bad, but that reliance on mind-altering pharmacological substances is bad. It’s not coincidental that fallen angels (Nephilim) comingled their DNA with that of human females and then further compromised these women by teaching them to open their minds with drugs. Such pharmakeia open mental gateways by suppressing guardian neurons.

Today, we have a perfect example of this. Just this week, a report surfaced about the strange side-effects of Ambien. According to a Reuters article, a study using mice indicated that Ambien “can shut down powerful brain circuits responsible for inhibiting brain activity under certain circumstances, leaving other brain circuits unchecked”. In other words, Ambien and its generic equivalent zolpidem ‘knock out the guards’ in our brains. Other pathways can then operate without restraint, leading to ‘sleep driving’, ‘sleep eating’, and ‘sleep talking’. So many people suffered from serious side-effects of the drug that a class action lawsuit was filed in 2006. In 2009, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the drug company.

Jenner, Hunter, Hewson, and many other 18th century physicians walked a tightrope between science and religion, claiming a new age of enlightened thinking had dawned upon mankind while some worshiped the same fallen angels in darkened chapter rooms. Asclepius, the father of medicine and son of Apollo, is the symbol of the medical profession in the form of a snake entwining a staff or rod. This same symbol appears in Exodus when the Hebrew people are attacked by ‘serpents’ (Moses lifts up a snake on a pole, symbolizing in this instance Christ the ultimate healer).

A similar icon served Hera and Hermes. Known as the caduceus, this staff or rod bears a pair of snakes–looking very much like the DNA double helix. Both the ‘rod of Ascelpius’ and the ‘caduceus’ represent healing, but they also serve as reminders of a spiritual component to healing. Christ offers complete healing while the fallen angels offer a pale imitation–that comes with an eternal price of damnation. Scientists ‘play god’ with abandon, believing they can do as they wilt.

Jesus spoke against such heresies when he told his disciples that the last days would be as the ‘days of Noah’. And so they are. Fallen angel technology, disguised as medical breakthroughs, dominate the headlines. Man-made miracles lead us to expect deliverance in the form of a pill or shot. But caveat emptor, ‘buyer beware’. That shot you crave may lead to realms and depths you should shun. And they may even rob you of your humanity.

We’ll explore that next time in Part II.


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  3. “I’d like to take a few moments to explain just what a DNA-based vaccine is and why you and I should be concerned.”

    This was an interesting historical tour, but I never really saw how the original stated concern was addressed.

    Why specifically should we have concern regarding any new swine flu vaccine? (I have my own thoughts but am interested in yours and don’t believe you’ve actually made any case yet.)

  4. Author

    Thanks for the comment, Roger. Nope. I’ve not really addressed it yet. There are more parts to come. When I began the article, I intended to write just one section–then it became clear to me that I wanted to include background material. More to come…I’m actually sick right now, so I’m afraid the second installment probably won’t be written for at least a few days or more. No–not the flu. Just fibromyalgia.

    To quickly answer your question, integration of foreign DNA into host cell genomes is not worth the risk. Insertion of the plasmid into a human chromosome might successfully cause the host cell to express the foreign protein and thus induce a quick immune response, however it might also switch on oncogenic processes. Extended immunostimulation through ‘expression’ of the recombinant DNA in our own cells can also lead to autoimmune disorders.

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