Tony Blair seeks the ‘path of Truth’

Tony Blair meets with Pope Benedict XVI

On August 27, 2009, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke at a gathering called the Rimini Meeting. According to its own website:

With an average attendance of over 700,000, the Rimini Meeting – held annually since 1980 and lasting one week in the second half of August – is the world’s biggest summer festival of encounters, exhibitions, music and spectacle. 

The event is unique of its kind: an association that for 29 years has sought to create points of contact between experiences and people of different faiths and cultures who share a positive desire for knowledge and reciprocal enhancement. 

The Meeting is a great social event, a festive happening, a place where we celebrate the earthly glory of God as creator and friend. But it is above all a gratuitous gesture: thousands of people, of all ages and social backgrounds, give of their time and energy to create the event. The cultural discourse that unfolds there is just one of the fruits.

This year marked the 30th such gathering, and it’s clear from the above words that the heart of the Rimini message tracks closely with Blair’s ecumenical, works-based, Faith Foundation.

Blair’s stated purpose is to unite all religions into a massive NGO (non-governmental organization). He openly supports using religion to implement the Millennium Development Goals.

But Blair goes even further, equating ‘faith’ with political power. Consider these words from Blair’s August 27th speech:

In seeking this path of Truth, lit by Gods Love and paved by Gods Grace, the Church can be the insistent spiritual voice that makes globalisation our servant not our master. It has another purpose too.

A natural part of such a mission, is to work with those of other Faiths, in our countries and beyond. In my foundation – dedicated to respect and understanding between the religious Faiths – I always say clearly: I am and remain a Christian, seeking salvation thru our Lord, Jesus Christ. Globalisation may push people of different Faiths together. But it does not mean we all become of one, lowest common denominator, belief. We are together but retain our distinctive Faith. We respect each other. We are not the same as each other. [Note: How can Blair claim ‘salvation thru our Lord, Jesus Christ’ and espouse any notion of interfaith communion? Jesus said that only HE is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life“. Christ went on to say that “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me“. — SKG]

The final, one-world community of faith, this monstrous NGO, is none other than the false religion of Revelation 17.  Pictured as a scarlet woman and even a ‘city’, ‘she’ tries to control the world government, but is despised by the new beast system.

Blair seeks not only to head the scarlet woman but also to assume the seat of power in Europa–president of the EU. Curious, that Blair chooses to pursue these goals as a Catholic, rather than as an Anglican.