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New Report Claims Ibuprofen Can Add 12 Years to Your Life

Posted on December 19, 2014
Sometimes, I just scratch my head in amazement when I see reports coming from the world of ‘medicine’ these days. This morning, I woke up to find this article about how ‘cheap painkillers’ may hold the secret to living longer. While the science behind this claim may or may not have validity, it’s important that consumers be warned that NSAIDS (the class of painkillers that includes ibuprofen) also have negative side-effects when not taken correctly. For instance, ibuprofen abuse has been linked to kidney disease. Acetaminophen can cause liver damage. Aspirin can lead to stomach bleeds, and the list goes on, so please, do not start popping large doses of painkillers in the hopes of living longer–you just might find yourself in a major health crisis.

Ibuprofen could be the secret to a longer life | Health | Life & Style | Daily Express.

Interview with Dr. Michael Lake of KIB

Posted on December 08, 2014
Here is the link to my recent interview with Dr. Michael Lake, discussing my current non-fiction book, Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Thank you, Dr. Lake, for allowing me to guest on your program!

KIB 27: Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the ApocalypseKingdom Intelligence Briefing.

Bizarre News: 100 brains missing from University of Texas

Posted on December 03, 2014
No, this isn’t a belated Halloween joke. There really are about a hundred human brains missing from a basement in University of Texas’ Animal Resources Center. It seems that several decades ago, the Austin State Hospital needed somewhere to house its collection of patient brains, so they offered them to UT. The Psychology Department thought the idea was great–particularly as it offered the lab an opportunity to study ‘deviant’ or mentally challenged brains using MRI and other developing methods.

The problem is UT Psychology didn’t have enough space, so they moved these hundred brains to the basement mentioned above. Now they’re gone.

Zombies? Probably not, but the hunt is ongoing, and it’s possible they’ll turn up in a frat house or dorm room.



XNAs touted as road to synthetic life and more

Posted on December 02, 2014

]O]h, the hubris of mankind! To think that some scientists genuinely believe that they can improve upon God’s design just boggles the mind. Philipp Holliger and his team in Cambridge (UK) claim to have one-upped God Himself by creating a better nucleic acid.

XNAs have been around for several decades (the X implies that the nucleic acid is built on the backbone of something other than deoxyribose or ribose). These monstrous molecules are being touted as the secret to longer life and better life, but they may just be another way to destroy human life–period.

The delicate balance of God’s cellular world is far more complex than most might believe, and it is foolish to think mankind can ‘self-improve’ — that there is ‘better living through chemistry’ to quote an old ad slogan. This is just a branch of the old eugenics tree, and an RNA-destroying XNA construct may prove to be just another means to make sure only certain genomes continue to thrive.


God will not be mocked, and I can only pray that Christ returns before XNAs make it into mainstream ‘medicine’.


Read the latest report on Holliger’s work via Synthetic enzymes hint at life without DNA or RNA – life – 01 December 2014 – New Scientist.

Flu Vaccine Death Count in Italy Rises to 13

Posted on December 01, 2014
According to an article at The Australian this morning, Italy has now banned further use of the seasonal flu vaccine FLUAD pending further investigation into the cause of death in thirteen patients.

FLUAD contains an adjuvant called MF59, which is made by Novartis and is based on our old friend squalene. As to whether or not the deaths are attributable to squalene or a ‘bad batch’ of product is unknown, but human bodies do not react well to oil-based ‘adjuvants’. The addition of these ‘adjuvants’ is done–we’re told–to improve immune response, but it’s really done to provide an almost instant response (to the adjuvant), which theoretically helps the body to develop a quick immunity to the flu virus itself. Also, adjuvants allow manufacturers to use less of the actual virus (in this case two flu viruses), which saves time and money.

Read about the deaths in Italy via Italy says 13 Novartis flu vaccine deaths | The Australian.

Josh Tolley Show Archive

Posted on November 26, 2014
I had a terrific time this morning speaking with Genesis Communications talk radio host, Josh Tolley. We spent two hours unpacking the Ebola threat and toward the end we were joined by Derek, my husband and fellow writer, to discuss nanotech and transhumanism. If you missed this lively two-hour talk, you can still access both hours in the archives. Just look for the Nov. 26th, 2014 program.

Josh was a very gracious and informed host, who made both Derek and me feel most welcome. If you’re reading this, Josh, we’d love to join you again–anytime!

Mali Ebola Cases Now Reach Eight; Of That Six Are Dead

Posted on November 26, 2014
The case count in Mali continues to rise, with eight confirmed Ebola cases and six deaths. The most puzzling aspect of the outbreak in Mali is that so far the death rate is 100%. Of the previous six cases, all six died.

While it’s possible that the Ebola response has been slow in Mali, it is also intriguing that Mali has been a trial location for an Ebola vaccine candidate. Eighty HCWs (Health Care Workers) have been vaccinated with a Glaxo-Smith-Kline candidate that, theoretically, should not induce illness since it’s based on a recombinant chimpanzee adenovirus. At the very least, locals must be concerned that a country with no Ebola cases is suddenly dealing with a 100% fatality rate among HCWs who cared for a dying imam.

Is there more to the story than we’re being told? Does all  of this really trace back to an imam who was mistakenly diagnosed with kidney failure rather than Ebola?


U.S. Buys Up Ebola Gear, Leaving Little for Africa – WSJ

Posted on November 25, 2014
Frontline healthcare workers in West Africa are said to be ‘sweating bullet’s right now as they see PPE supplies dwindling with no replacements in the pipeline. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is all that stands between a HCW and possible death, so it’s understandable that these suits are vital to the war on Ebola. DuPont and other manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand, but orders from West Africa or missions groups working there may not be filled right away due to the high numbers of orders already received:

One of the demand spikes isn’t coming from West Africa—but from America. U.S. hospitals and government agencies have strained PPE supplies in some regions, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. This month, the CDC itself said it ordered $2.7 million in PPEs, a collection it calls a Strategic National Stockpile. CDC guidelines state American hospitals and firefighters need PPEs on hand, in case a potential Ebola suspect wanders into an emergency room or dials 911.

A report earlier this year revealed that the CDC’s and DHS supplies of emergency items such as PPEs were so old that they had reached or would soon reach their expiration dates, so it’s understandable, I suppose, that these government agencies would place huge orders for replacements, but couldn’t we send some of those supplies to West Africa instead of soldiers? Just a thought.

Read more via U.S. Buys Up Ebola Gear, Leaving Little for Africa – WSJ.

New York Times prints interview with hacker that has conspiracy bits included

Posted on November 23, 2014
I nearly missed this article from November 10th at the NY Times. The writer shares his impressions and includes a few quotes from convicted hacker ‘Guccifer’, who is serving time now in a maximum security prison. Most of it is the usual fare, but this bit caught my attention:

Before agreeing to answer questions from The New York Times in prison, where he shares a cell with four others, including two convicted murderers, he read out a lengthy handwritten statement that he said explained the purpose of his hacking.

A potpourri of conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the 1997 death of Princess Diana and alleged plans for a nuclear attack in Chicago in 2015, it said: “This world is run by a group of conspirators called the Council of Illuminati, very rich people, noble families, bankers and industrialists from the 19th and 20th century.” [emphasis added]

Say what? First of all, let’s just pray that nothing like this happens, but why is it included in such a casual way–and oh, yeah, he says Chicago will get nuked?

Read the entire, very interesting article via For Guccifer, Hacking Was Easy. Prison Is Hard. –

More than they bargained for; Bandits in Guinea steal blood samples believed to be infected with Ebola – Yahoo News Canada

Posted on November 21, 2014
The theft illustrates just how tricky it can be to traverse the back roads of West Africa.

The samples, stored in tightly wrapped vials tucked into a cooler bag, were in the care of a Red Cross courier who was among nine passengers sharing a taxi when three bandits on a motorbike led the attack near the town of Kissidougou, a local Red Cross official said.

Read the entire report via Bandits in Guinea steal blood samples believed to be infected with Ebola – Yahoo News Canada.

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