[O]ne major fear among epidemiologists is that a terrorist group might gain access to the Ebola virus. If this report is true, then ISIS militants may have contracted the disease through attempts to steal or become intentionally infected with Ebola in West Africa. Here’s an excerpt from today’s report: ReportsContinue Reading

[W]est Africa and especially Nigeria remain in the cross-hairs of prophetic events. Although Nigeria has officially been declared an Ebola-free zone (for now), the African nation continues to deal with incursions and terrorist acts from the anti-western group Boko Haram. A few days ago, 18 alleged Boko Haram activists wereContinue Reading

What does the immediate future hold for the world? Every one ponders this question at some time or another, and most of us consider it daily! The Rockefeller Foundation apparently spent lots of time trying to work it out, and they’ve even provided a handy document for us all called ‘ScenariosContinue Reading