Science, writing, opera, and geopolitics are just a few of the many ‘hats’ worn by Sharon K. Gilbert. Gilbert is the author of the non-fiction work Ebola and the Fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse; The Laodicea Chronicles, a novelized look at the spiritual battle set in current time; The Armageddon Strain, and her most recent endeavor The Redwing Saga, a supernatural thriller series set in England during the time of Jack the Ripper. She is also a regular contributor to Tom Horn’s immensely popular multi-author books, including Blood on the Altar, God’s Ghostbusters, I Predict, and When Once We Were a Nation.

Gilbert is married to SkyWatchTV’s host and news anchor Derek P. Gilbert, and the two have shared their talents and insights for over a decade with their own Christian podcasts, PID Radio, Gilbert House Fellowship, and View from the Bunker. In addition to co-hosting SkyWatchTV’s interview program and SkyWatch TV’s ‘Sci-Friday’ each week, Sharon also hosts the new programs, SkyWatch Women and SkyWatch Women One-on-One.

Sharon’s been following and studying Bible prophecy for over fifty years, and she often says that she’s only scratched the surface. When not immersed in Bible study, a writing project, or scouring the Internet for the latest science news, you can usually find Sharon relaxing in her garden with the Gilberts’ faithful hound, Sam T. Dachshund.





  1. I enjoy Sharon’s commentary on Skywatch but Noticed in one of the opening rolls for Skywatch that Sharon appeared considerably different than her regular live panel presence and in her publicity pictures. did she/ has she had health issues.

    also why not a comment section on the You Tube’s.

    thank you.

  2. Author

    Derek here: No, Sharon has never been in better health. Eating right and getting better rest has helped her lose over 100 pounds.

    YouTube comments were shut down because we don’t have the staff at SkyWatchTV to patrol them, and there are just too many trolls who try to hijack them for their own purposes.

    1. 100 pounds is an amazing amount of weight to lose! Can Sharon share how exactly she lost the weight? She looks great!

        1. Thank you, Sharon, and congratulations!

  3. hello, in your newest book Vereration, I just have a quick question even though I don’t have a real good knowledge of the nephrium and the giants in the land. My question is….Does bigfoot exist? could they have roamed in early days? or where the giants just big huge giant men without the hair like a bigfoot?

    Do you believe BF exists? Thank you very much

    1. Author

      Hi, Dan: I honestly don’t know.

  4. Hello Sharon and Derrick,

    I’m a big fan of SkyWatch TV and watch all the time. I order frequently and have always been fascinated with archaeological digs at Jerusalem.
    Is it possible to get just the DVD that you and Derrick put together when you went back to the different sites at Jerusalem?

  5. Dear friend, has anyone thought of using a hiperberic chamber in the treatment for the coronavirus ?

    1. Bradley, from what I’ve been reading, I agree with you. I’m a recently retired RN and that this is a blood-borne virus attacking red blood cells is the only thing I’ve heard that makes sense. Here are two articles on it:
      Sharon, Please read these and comment! Thanks, Kathy

  6. Hello, I listen to SciFriday every week and enjoy your program immensely. Someone sent me this video, and I wonder what your take on it might be. He certainly has a different take (in some ways) on things. Appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Author

      Hi, Jan: Thank you for your note! His claim that we can only get viruses by having them injected into us is provably and observably false. You can disregard this video.

  7. Hi Sharon, Thank the Lord for your dedicated research in prophetic Biblical info & comparative world events. I have some research info I believe will more than interest you, that I can mail or email if you are interested. Please respond to my email. I am not on social media, and have to use the local library for wi-fi. Sorry. 4/17/20

    1. Author

      You’re kind to say so! Thank you!

  8. I Love Skywatch! I wondered if anyone has seen this documentary on Covid19?

    Right up Sharon’s alley!
    Blessings to all!

    1. Author

      Thanks! I’ll add it to my watch list. 🙂

  9. Once again I’ve reread The Armageddon Strain, each time “catching” more of the drama and interaction. Also still waiting for the sequel…
    One thing I really like about Joel C. Rosenberg’s books is that at the front he has a couple pages that name and identify the characters briefly which helps me keep track of who is who, especially when (you do this) one page uses a first name and the next uses a last name. You had a lot of characters in your book. It chilled me to the bone when I read it a dozen years ago and now, especially with Sars-2, the chilling reality is heart-stopping terrifying. R U sure you don’t consult with Rosenberg even a little?

    1. Author

      I’ve not read any of Rosenberg’s work, Joy. We might rework The Armageddon Strain (update it a bit) and republish it. Thanks for the supportive words!

  10. Hello Sharon, just discovered your SciFriday program. You and Mr. Gilbert were sharing the news of your friend in India who published a paper regarding an Acanthus plant family extract’s potential as a natural remedy to block COVID-19 viral replication. Understanding his paper may be ‘in press’, do you have the actual citation of the paper and the actual plant name? I have been investigating and wondering if the plant in question is Acanthus ilicifolius? Thanks for sharing your expertise and perspective with the world. God bless. [Please also feel free to email any additional information : ) ]

  11. Trust your perspective and I’m not sure what to think of this. I know you’re very busy however this does fall in your area of expertise. I didn’t know anyone else to ask with your level of knowledge and background. God bless! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  12. Thank you both for your dedication to the truth. Love you Both so much. Sharon you sometimes interrupt Derrick when you get excited but I do the same thing. Watch you every night. Pray for you both 💕

  13. Sharon, I SO HOPE this gets to you, I know you are SO busy.I have been diagnosed with diabetes. I desperately need to know how to eat right and find where you were talking about writing a book with Joe Horn. where might I find that? It seems I kinda know what I should do, but unless it is right there in front of me what to eat drink next, I am lost. I feel so dumb honestly. I need to take off 30 to 40 pounds. Preferably 40. I am turning 60 years and have several more health issues. I watch you and Derek a lot and Tom Horn and many of the guests. As a matter of fact, I just ordered some more books today. but I am just at a standstill with this weight thing…..PLEASE HELP!!! And know I love you and Derek and all the gang! And for taking an open stand for Christ and ALL you do.

  14. Hello Mrs. Gilbert!
    I have a presentation next Friday that I know you will enjoy (and understand) I can also send you pics of the News Paper article on my research. I was on the front page of the paper with the Headline PUC student Eric Daniels pursues cure for cancer.
    RE. CANCER, and the effects of amygdalin ( a natural compound) as well as inhibitors common in foods. – spoiler alert. it works. Also, I have identified foods that impede it.
    PROFESSORS ARE AMAZED! First, they discouraged me, but now they are amazed by the results.
    This is Eric Daniels, a senior Biochemistry major here at Pacific Union College. ( an S.D.A. College – I am a nondenominational Christian) I wanted to formally invite you all to my honors presentation on Friday, May 22 at 3 PM! I will be presenting the research that I have been working on for the past 2 years.
    I have been researching the function of a protein called beta-glucosidase with its activating compound called amygdalin. Beta-glucosidase and amygdalin have been a highlight of many studies dealing with cancer in an attempt to develop a less toxic form of therapy/treatment. Though I did not work with cancer cells directly, I was able to determine many functional characteristics of this protein that support these studies!
    I am beyond ecstatic to present my results, and it would be an honor to have you join me as I bring my research and time here at PUC to a close.
    Thank you for your time, God bless, and stay healthy!
    Eric John Daniels
    The link at the bottom of the attached flyer will direct you to the Microsoft Teams meeting where the presentation will take place.
    *********HERE IS THE LINK******
    Microsoft Teams is a free Microsoft app that can be downloaded for Windows or Mac, you do need a Microsoft account (which is also free) to sign in:
    If you need to create a Microsoft Account, click here:…
    If you are already have a Microsoft account, you can download Microsoft Teams by clicking here:…

  15. Good Morning,

    Are you guys open at the moment?

    Thanks – Amy

    1. Author

      Hi, Amy: We don’t have a physical location open to the public, if that’s what you mean.

  16. I just found out/heard about you this morning from a SkyWatch SciFriday program and really liked what you said. I plan on reading your books as soon as I can. Do preternatural entities (fairies, vampires, werewolves, etc) exist in the world today and if so do they have a physical presence or are they more like ghosts, just apparitions? Is there a link, website, non-fiction book, etc that you could point me to?

    1. Author

      Hi, Kristen: Thank you for finding us! Yes, it’s possible, but probably not the East they’re depicted in the movies. We suggest God’s Ghostbusters , a book we contributed to. It’s available at the SkyWatchTV Store.

      1. Thank you so much, I will be getting it. I just ordered the Veneration Special Collection, I also want the Redwing Saga collection. Just so many, LOL. I wish I had known about this sight years ago.

  17. Thank you so much, I will be getting it. I just ordered the Veneration Special Collection, I also want the Redwing Saga collection. Just so many, LOL. I wish I had known about this sight years ago.
    I watched one of the SciFridays which was talking about the Piasa Bird, Cahokia Mounds and Momo from Missouri. I grew up in Missouri and now live by Cahokia Mounds. What a small world.

  18. Hello Mrs. Gilbert. My name is Terry Jett. I am a long time listener and fan of your and Mr. Gilbert’s work on Skywatch. We are recently relocated back to Missouri from Colorado, resulting in my listening and viewing habits changing. I am wondering if you could give or direct me to your most recent position and information on the virus? There seems to be such controversy with Dr. Fauci’s public positions and recommendations. I work for a gov contractor and we have been ordered into full mask “lock down” seemingly about a month and a half late. Anyway, where should we look for real numbers and social interactions. BTW, I realize you have idea who I am, so no harm nor foul on your response. I will say that I have decades of life experiences through the Hwy13 corridor beginning in 1975. My folks had a weekend house in Kimberling City Airways subdivision. I love your little town of Crane and neighbor Reed’s Spring. Lots of good memories. Thank you

  19. I want to thank you and your husband for all you do also! I have been following your study of the book of Revelation and learning lots, but it has given me a different view of heaven than what I originally thought it was like. It seems a much more solemn place where the wrath of God coming on the earth is known by those who are there. Am I getting this right?

  20. Hi Sharon,
    Is there a CD of your presentation/speech on Inanna at last year’s Defender conference or would I have to buy the whole package? I heard about the woman who saw the bull charging you and want to hear what you revealed that had the “Bull of Heaven” so mad at you. Lol

  21. Love you on sky watch tv. Keep om speaking the truth. P.S. also very interesting

  22. Hi Sharon
    Nancy Kirk here. I had the pleasure to join you and Derek last year for the trip to Israel, one I will never forget.
    My question is sine you are a microbiologist, what can you tell me about the rumors that the nra COVID vaccine could alter your DNA? I have searched numerous websites and “fact check” sites and can find nothing to substantiate this claim. What are your thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi, Nancy: Our apologies for our slow reply! We overlooked your question when it came in. No, mRNA cannot change DNA. DNA encodes RNA, never the other way around.

  23. God Bless in Jesus name! I really love all of you and your husband’s work both of your books are my favorite! You have really helped open up the Bible a lot! I was wondering if you ever continued the Laodicea chronicles? I really enjoyed the first two books! Keep up the great work! Jesus loves you!

    1. Author

      Derek here: Thank you! She has not, but my novel The God Conspiracy uses some of the characters and plot points from The Armageddon Strain.

      1. Thanks!! I really appreciate it! I just got a copy of the God Conspiracy and Iron dragons look forward to reading the Armageddon strain as well! Keep up the great work l! my Mom and I listen to you all the time on SkyWatchTV you both have really helped us understand the Bible a lot clearer! I Really have enjoyed all of your books! The best out there in my opinion! God Bless in Jesus name! Look up our redemption draws near! Keep up the great work! Jesus loves you!

  24. What alternative social media platforms are you and Derek on? I’m leaving FB, twitter and YouTube but still want to be able to follow you

  25. Sharon, I want to thank you so very much for all that you share. I finally have found someone I can relate to and enjoy. I love archeology and studied prophecy for over 40 years now. It is when my son got into a cult over 30 years ago is when I started studying about the spiritual realm, so between you and your husband Dereck I can really understand so much more. The Lord is really opening my eyes up to more and more truths. Last year I read the book of Enoch and WOW, that really opened my eyes to a lot. The knowledge that you have in regards to these things are very hard to tell people and other Christians, they look at us like we are crazy. But again thank you for sharing your knowledge and being obedient to the calling the Lord has placed on your life. PS Is there a way I can get a list of the names of the evil spirits and their callings so to speak (what they do), or know of a website I can go to and get that information.

  26. Hello Sharon, I am writing you again to give you a correct email address. Was not sure if the origianl one I gave was correct… Thank you and God Bless.

  27. Hello Sharon, I wonder where I can find your testimony. I am interested to hear especially about how you came to understand about God in your childhood; also I heard Derek mentioning last week in a show regarding your experience of spirit encountering (or something similar) in your past, can you share a little more please? Thank you. Love the productions from the two of you. Pray for God’s wisdom and protection be added abundantly to your ministry.

  28. God Bless in Jesus name! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books and your Bible Study! My Mom and I have learned so much! Love the Redwing Saga and all of you and Dereks books! if your looking for a great Biblical/fiction author who gets it check out John Sneeden and his books I think that you guys would enjoy them! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for your new books! Look up our redemption draws near! Jesus is coming back soon very soon! Jesus loves you!

    1. Author

      Thank you!

  29. Hi, Sharon,
    We’re truly interested in your book series~
    The Redwing Saga Book Series

    And we would like to know if you’re willing to join our fiction platform to attract more readers and support our business.
    We are a global tech company with rich experiences in running fiction platforms and we have been working on launching a new product to cater to all English-speaking markets. Once reading your stories, we are impressed and confident that it would be a great fit for our product!
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  30. Hi Sharon and Derek.
    I just found you guys and skywatchtv in March 2021, and I must say I love all your programs and I am so interested in the way you present scripture. I love word studies and being able to dig in the scriptures to find the original meanings of it to clarify my understanding.
    I have been telling my mother about your shows and have added skywatchtv app to her roku so she can watch. She had asked me questions about your beliefs and doctrine/affiliation. I really can’t find more to tell her than whats in the “about” section on skywatchtv. Could you share with me what your beliefs/affiliation is with the church? From what I gather, you all believe preTrib rapture, but I can’t find anywhere that could explain your feelings about being baptized in the spirit or the gifts of the holy spirit, etc.

    1. Author

      Hi, Angela: Thank you for your note! We are non-denominational. Sharon was raised independent Baptist, while I was brought up in the United Church of Christ and Evangelical Lutheran Church, although I converted to Roman Catholicism during my first marriage (and de-converted afterward, when I started to actually read the Bible).

      We are not cessationists, by which I mean we believe people still receive prophetic words and may speak in tongues. However, that is a legitimate gift according to scripture only if someone else is there to translate what’s being said. It has been misused by some in the church as a test of orthodoxy (in other words, they believe that if you don’t speak in tongues, you’re not really saved).

      Baptism of the Holy Spirit is something that occurs with all believers when we accept Jesus (1 Cor. 12:13).

  31. Hello: we are moving to the Branson area am wondering if there is any place for Christians who are scientifically trained to meet up? My spouse has a PhD in physics with health issues. Would like for him to meet up with other scientists to discuss scientific issues within a Christian belief system.
    We will be in the Branson area (hopefully by December 1). Any chance of his/our meeting Sharon at the Jim Bakker studio filming?
    We have visited the Branson area several times after finding Jim Bakker Ministries on ROKU and then I found Sci-Fridays.

    1. Author

      Hi, Cynthia: Thanks for your note! We’re not aware of a specific meeting place for Christians with a science background, but we’d love to meet you. We’ll be at Morningside December 7 to record a couple of programs about my new book.

  32. Dear Sharon, I love all of your Redwing saga and now have others reading them. We bought the first two at a conference in 2017. Did not start reading them until last year. My husband and I were hooked. Read them all in a month. We Also enjoyed the books you and Derek write also. We just finished reading Veneration of the Dead. I am now trying to find all your fiction books because we love your writing. I found The Armageddon Strain and book one and two of the Laodicea Chronicles. The second book said a third book was coming Doctrines of Demons. I can not find a hardback copy. Do you know where I can buy one? Also, If I read it right in Veneration of the Dead, Gog and Magog war is part of Armageddon. Where does the seven years of burning come in? Could you reply to our email. Don’t do much on line. I am so glad God blessed you with many gifts and talents. You have truly opened my eyes to the spirit world. As you say, I will never read my Bible or here sermons the same anymore. Thank you, Kim Lee

    1. Author

      Hi, Kim: What is your email address? I’ll forward this to Sharon. Thank you! -Derek

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