Did Georgia try to pass a bill installing the guillotine as the method of execution?

[Y]ou know, whenever I find a rumor on the internet, I try to verify the report, don’t you? This morning, I started seeing a repeated meme about Georgia passing a law that would declare the guillotine as the new method of execution. The reason, stated in what is purported to be an excerpt from the proposal, is that prisoners who wish to donate their organs and are then electrocuted have been denied their wish due to degradation of all internal structures. Sounds sort of probable, right?

First, I followed the links to the original ‘source’ for the reports. This took me to a page that looked rather like a source for Georgia’s House (Representative Teper is the alleged author of this bill).  This site LOOKS like it’s a record of the bill’s journey, but look again at the URL.: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/hb1274_guillotine_execution.htm

I’ll give the webmaster there the benefit of the doubt, because it is possible to cut and paste HTML, so this might have been an attempt to preserve the information. Kudos to him/her for that then. However, I went to the Georgia Legislation’s site directly and did a search for bills introduced in 1996. Sure enough, there was a bill called HB 1274, but this is its title:

HR 1274 – Cedar Shoals High School Jaguars football team; commend

In fact, there is no bill about guillotines in the entire House library that I can find. Now, it is possible that the original bill created so much negative feedback that it was wiped from the record almost immediately, and another bill with the same number created (this football team bill does sound rather bland and innocuous). The original news goes back to David Flynn’s website, and I know David didn’t fall for fakes, so it is very likely that a substitution has occurred. However, that was back in 1996. Why has the report resurfaced all over the alterweb today with claims that the bill was passed?  Beats me, but there is no bill (and least not any more) and it did not pass.  Just another example of ‘trust but verify’.

Of course, the reaction on the alter-websites is panic. Please, dear friend, do not panic. Yes, prophecy does make it clear that beheadings will be part and parcel of the AntiChrist’s regime. But they are not starting in Georgia—at least not yet.