Montana attorney general launches investigation into APF

UPDATE: Alex Jones is now reporting that American Police Force’s own website claims to run The US Training Center . If you try to access, you’re redirected to the US Training Center website. So, is APF lying? According to Jones, Xe is now protesting the use of their materials by APF–claiming no relationship. More to come…

Poor Becky Shay. She left a perfectly good job as an investigative reporter with the Billings Gazette to become spokeswoman for a mysterious company that promised her the moon.

As of yesterday, however, the moon appears to be well out of Miss Shay’s reach. The Montana Attorney General has opened a civil investigation into the American Police Force and its shady ‘Captain’ Michael Hardin (the man with the thick accent and the numerous aliases).

When the AG’s office sent ‘a nine page demand letter’ to Shay on Thursday; she did ‘not immediately respond to phone calls’.

According to the document, [Attorney General Steve]Bullock is launching the civil investigation into APF over concerns that the company might be violating the Montana Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

Among other things, Bullock demanded that the company provide proof for many statements about the company included on APFs Web site. The site says that the company frequently has contracts with the U.S. government and has operations in all 50 states.

via Montana attorney general launches investigation into Hardin jail.

The MSM isn’t reporting much on this story at all — as usual. I hope Bullock will look into more than just the APF aspect of the Hardin fiasco. The Two Rivers Authority may have some improprieties hiding within their books as well.

And Becky Shay may never get that new house. Sadly, she’s joining the long list of people who’ve been burned by Michael Hilton, aka Miodrag Dokovich, aka Michael Hamilton, aka Hristian Djokich, aka Michael Djokovich.