Serbia considers legal action against AFP and Hilton

Now that payments are coming due legally and literally (the first installments on the Mercedes SUVs are overdue) for ‘Captain’ Michael Hilton of the American Police Force, the Serbian government enters the mix:

(BILLINGS GAZETTE) — /SNIP/ The Serbian government is also looking into possible legal action against APF and Hilton. Many have suggested the badge Hilton uses as APF’s logo is a mirror image of the Serbian coat of arms. Serbian officials say they’re taking the necessary steps to see if any laws were broken. Hilton told KULR-8 a few weeks ago the logo is his family’s crest and he used it as a tribute to his grandfather.

via More Legal Issues for APF | KULR-8 TELEVISION – Billings, Montana | Local Top Stories .

Where in the world is Michael Hilton? Hiding more than likely. Or maybe he’s headed to Chicago to offer Daley and Oprah a substitute Olympic event for 2016.