The Bible in 90: Day 2

Today’s assigned reading is Genesis 17:1 – Genesis 28:19. If you missed yesterday’s reading, you can easily catch up! It takes about half an hour to read the 16 or so chapters each day. This is a remarkable reading plan, for it allows us to grasp the scope of God’s plan from the very beginning. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll find each time you read through God’s word! Thanks for joining me on this amazing adventure.

The Bible is all about fallen humanity and a loving Creator. You’ll find that the Bible is rather skimpy on the details that we love to ponder, but it is faithful to present the past and the future with all the details we require. Humans are shown to be heroic and faithful as well as hideous and faithless.

Consider Lot. He is a man of faith with all the weaknesses that you and I have. He lives in a smarmy city, but he doesn’t realize the poor witness he’s been to his family until it’s too late. His wife chooses to die rather than leave her town. The two young men who have been promised to Lot’s virginal daughters find Lot laughable and refuse to believe his promise of imminent doom! Lot’s daughters go with him, perhaps only because they’re given no choice. Maybe they think the angel is cute! We only know that they follow their father to Zoar, and then up into the mountains where both daughters sleep with their father to conceive a child.

Perhaps, the daughters thought no young men lived; that all the earth had been destroyed. Who knows how long they’ve been in that cave? What is certain is that the young women had to get their father drunk, which means Lot would never have consented to lying with them. If the girls had talked with him, they might have learned of handsome hubbies elsewhere! Of course, their dad was just a tottering old guy, so what would he know? Besides, the whole town of Sodom thought their father was a religious nut.

Nice family, huh?