Trusting through Testing

Today’s Reading: Numbers 8:15 – Numbers 21:7

We’ve all done; we’ve grumbled against our circumstances. We’ve wailed about the problems plaguing us day after day: sickness, poverty, unpopularity, loss of loved ones. Or we’ve complained about living in the same old house, wearing the same old clothes, eating the same old meals, or looking at the same old television.

When we read the passages about Israel’s many complaints against God’s provisions, it’s our natural tendency to wonder why those people didn’t ‘get it’. How could these families not see that God was and is HOLY, and that His word is final? Did they not understand that He loved them? How quickly they forgot–over and over again–that God gave them all that they needed. But they grumbled about the manna, they complained about Moses, and they constantly moaned their desires to return to Egypt!

God instructed the Israelites to tie tassels to their clothing as a reminder of their lack of faith and how God answered their sins with anger. Sin has a consequence. And NOT trusting our Savior and King is a sin indeed. Perhaps, we should all wear something to remind us of God’s deep love for us–to remind us of His HOLY nature–to remind us of the miracle of Christ’s sacrifice that gave us the same intimacy with God that Moses enjoyed: speaking to Him without an intermediary. We have been made princes and princesses through Christ’s redeeming blood! If we’ve trusted God for your salvation, then why can we not trust Him and thank Him for all that He has provided and will continue to provide?

Testing will come. But TRUSTING will see us through.