BBC News – ‘Friendly’ drone on dog leash takes off

[W]ant to spy on your neighbor? Now you can with this new ‘pet’ drone!  Regulations won’t be a worry since this little beauty is classified as a ‘kite’. Yes, I said a kite. Note in the picture (found at the BBC link) that this ‘pet’ has a camera, which enables it to snap photos or video as needed.  Yes, it’s a bit creepy (ok, it’s a LOT creepy), but this is the logical outcome of a world fascinated with drone technology. It is also a logical outcome of a panopticon society.

The Fotokite is the kind of inexpensive set of eyes that makes Facebook and Google drool. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if both companies make bids to buy the company behind Fotokite.

Learn more via BBC News – ‘Friendly’ drone on dog leash takes off.