Another NIH fubar? 300 vials labeled influenza, dengue found at government lab

[I]t’s beginning to look like the Three Stooges are in charge of deadly pathogen storage at the National Institutes of Health these days. The lab that is supposed to be super safe and super secure has again revealed a major mistake.

Curiously, the report at Fox reveals that it’s the SAME SCIENTIST who uncovered 300 vials of major pathogens that should have been under lock and key and catalogued.  I’m not sure who this plucky scientist is, but I think I’d be watching my back. Someone will have to take the fall for this ‘oversight’.

According to FDA Deputy Director Dr. Peter Marks, the forgotten samples are a mystery. Of course, they’re digging into why vials of dengue, rickettsia, and influenza have just been lying about, so don’t worry, ok?  We’re all as safe as houses, right? Yeah, right.  As I’ve said before, these announcements, coming one right after another, feel more like a prelude to a plague than midnight confessions. I’m glad the Lord is in charge, aren’t you?


via 300 vials labeled influenza, dengue found at lab | Fox News.