Has an American Christian ‘Cracked’ the Copper Scroll Code?

The Copper Scroll may be a list written by Jeremiah during the First Temple period. The article below claims that $2B in gold lies hidden throughout the area surrounding Jerusalem. Is this a golden ‘hook in the jaw’?  More importantly, will this scroll lead to even more significant finds? You can read more about the Copper Scroll Project at Barfield’s site

(JERUSALEM POST) — “Shelley, I want you to meet the guy who has cracked the code on the Copper Scroll.” With that intriguing introduction, I shook hands with Jim Barfield. We stood among the kiosks of Israeli goods during a lunch break at a Christian Zionist conference in Forth Worth, Texas.

(Left to right) Videographer Casey Crowdis, Jim Barfield, and author Shelley Neese (background).

“Congratulations,” I replied, “but what’s the Copper Scroll?”

“A treasure map,” Barfield answered, “from the prophet Jeremiah.”

via Jim Barfield devoting his energy to treasure hunt | Around Israel | Jerusalem Post .