New York Times prints interview with hacker that has conspiracy bits included

[I] nearly missed this article from November 10th at the NY Times. The writer shares his impressions and includes a few quotes from convicted hacker ‘Guccifer’, who is serving time now in a maximum security prison. Most of it is the usual fare, but this bit caught my attention:

Before agreeing to answer questions from The New York Times in prison, where he shares a cell with four others, including two convicted murderers, he read out a lengthy handwritten statement that he said explained the purpose of his hacking.

A potpourri of conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the 1997 death of Princess Diana and alleged plans for a nuclear attack in Chicago in 2015, it said: “This world is run by a group of conspirators called the Council of Illuminati, very rich people, noble families, bankers and industrialists from the 19th and 20th century.” [emphasis added]

Say what? First of all, let’s just pray that nothing like this happens, but why is it included in such a casual way–and oh, yeah, he says Chicago will get nuked?

Read the entire, very interesting article via For Guccifer, Hacking Was Easy. Prison Is Hard. –