Transhumanism, Trek, and Trotsky

Part III of Hollywood and the Coming Apocalypse: How the various peoples of the Star Trek worlds reflect a growing trend toward genetic ‘enhancement’ and how the ‘collective hive mind’ of a corporate meta-human organism is the natural outgrowth of the politics of Neo-Conversativism.

I am he as you are he,as you are me and we are all together— John Lennon, I Am the Walrus

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. That’s what we’re told.

If you’re not familiar with The Borg or The Dominion, both of Star Trek fame, I recommend spending a few weekends immersed in Star Trek Next Generation films and episodes.

In short, the Borg are a group — a collective — that assimilates civilzations. This hive mind consists of millions of humanoid beings from different planets — each one enhanced after birth with mechanized appliances that connect to a centralized queen. Borg do not think or reason as individuals. Assimilated races receive nanoprobes that erase all sense of self.

The Borg Queen acts as a central control for the ‘many’. In Star Trek: First Contact, she has the unique ability to act as an individual, even going so far as to travel alone — through time — to interact with and tempt Data. The temptation undergirds the queen’s identity with Satan, especially since she pretends to be God. (She declares that she is “the beginning and the end”, and that she alone can bring “order to chaos”. She might be compared to the Queen of the Night from Mozart’s Masonic opera, The Magic Flute. Her claim to be “the one who is many” reminds one of Mark 5:9, where a group of demons calling themselves Legion — for we are many is forced to depart from a human and go into pigs.

At this point, one might wonder if the collective assimilation is in part spiritual, especially since the ‘Queen’ is destroyed in more than one episode, only to reappear again and again.This brings us back to Trostky. Though his ideas lost favor during the early days of the Russian revolution, Leon Trosky’s claim that world change could only take place in an atmosphere of sudden, worldwide revolution is the unspoken foundational plank of Neo-Conservatism. George Bush has pledged to sweep the cleansing broom of democracy throughout the entire planet. The end result, he promises, will be peace and an end to tyranny and terrorism.

While this sounds good on the surface, any thoughtful person will soon realize that either President Bush is a naive, cockeyed optomist, or that he is this season’s fool, or more darkly, that he is in fact — not being honest. Despite what the left would have you believe, I for one, do not see GW Bush as a fool. Nor do I see him as truly naive. So — is he being disingenuous?If an American president said to the people of the United States, “I want to rule the world, and I want you to help me,” how many of us would leap to the forefront and volunteer for the military?

Bingo. Not one of us. However, if an American president uses phrases like ‘bringing order to chaos’ or ‘the good of the many’, then our patriotic blood rises into our throats, and many heed the call to arms.Can you see the connection yet? True, our country is led by a man, not a woman. Yet, the sense is the same. Like a collective mind, we are swept into a furor of rage toward our perceived enemy. From the time of our birth, we are outfitted with red-white-and-blue beliefs that hang upon us like bionic appendages, in constant communcation with our great leader. Am I anti-American? Hardly. I long for a country where indivualism is praised, where speech is free, and our thoughts are our own. What I get is a country with ever tightening national laws that repress individual expression — especially those that bear Christian hallmarks — and tell us where to walk, where to talk, and even now where to smoke (no, I’m not a smoker, but I sympathize. Next, they’ll crack down on diets).

Lest you think I’ve left transhumanism behind, let me tell you about a movement that is swimming just beneath the political surface. It’s called the H+ Plan. There is a growing belief that the human genome needs tweaking. Our fragile and broken bodies could live better, faster, longer, and even be happier if we underwent plastic surgery on our DNA. Enhanced humanity would be a more intellectual humanity, and such advanced beings would never wage war (or so the thinking goes). What makes this so laughable is that the advanced races in the Star Trek world loved to conquer through assimilation (Borg, Dominion, and even the rarely seen “Species 8472” that bear a remarkable resemblence to sinewy Grays).

The Borg adopt each newborn into the body through implanted devices. The Human+ Plan would alter Brand X humanity into Designer Humanity! Are you an H+ athlete? Then you belong, young man or woman! Are you an old school human? Don’t call us, we’ll call you. The Dominion of Star Trek legend represents a group of shapeshifters who created a slave race of humanoid|synthetic hybridization. These slaves considered the Dominion their creator gods. The military branch of this slave race was called the Jem’Hadar, a fanatical brand of soldier that required no food or sleep. Victory was their only reward, but an addiction to a substance called “The White” kept any from acting as an individual.

Is it any coincidence that the increase in drug trade in the US spiked with the VietNam war and continues today — even being used as a means for backroom diplomacy (IranContra)?

The White could easily translate to Cocaine or to Meth. But let’s take it a step further. If Genetic Engineering Science saw a need for a supersoldier, might it not be prudent to build in a safety switch such as The White? Do you recall the plot device Michael Crichton used in his best selling novel Jurassic Park to eliminate all ‘unplanned’ pregancies from arising in the dinosaur population? The so-called Lyseine Contingency. The gene that encoded for the amino acid lyseine was removed, which required that lyseine be provided to each dinosaur via diet. Now imagine a population that could no longer produce — say, insulin properly. Or correctly encode for certain neurotransmitters. These designer dependents would require daily pharmaceutical intervention to remain alive.

Sound farfetched? Let’s snap on our tinfoil hats and imagine a world of happy people who depend upon a daily sound wave to interact with their brains via television. Or perhaps, a compliant mass who become irritable and even dangerous if the sugar substitute to which they’re addicted is removed from the market.What I’m saying is this: Our DNA is changing, whether we like it or not. New Agers claim it’s because of particles beamed at us from from the black hole at the center of our galaxy — hmm, this sounds like nanoparticles beamed at resistant races by The Bord.

Others may blame pollution or evolutionary pressures. I say it’s intentional. Science has already altered our native plants so that the beans, tomatoes, and corn you and I consume are no longer the same enjoyed by our grandparents. These plants contain human and animal genes. Chemical sprays and microwaves act as designer pressure to cause mutational shifts in our genome. What once happened in darkened tents in the days of Genesis Six, now happen in brightly lit laboratories. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days.Hollywood is preparing us for something big — and it’s not the Rainbow World that New Agers expect. A world leader stands poised in the wings of the world stage, and he waits only for his masses to be prepared. He wants to assimilate us all.

Is there any who can resist? Only those who have the blood of Jesus Christ as their covering. Our planet is rushing headlong into an Armageddon scenario, and most will rush there singing of their love for the man leading them into the Abyss.

Do you know Christ as your Savior? If not, then please read the Gospel of John (New Testament) now. The world is hurtling toward destruction, but God will keep His children safe.

Accept Christ today. Tomorrow may be too late.