Spanish HCW’s Mistake: She touched her face

[A]ccording to reports from Spain this afternoon,  Spanish Healthcare Worker (HCW) Maria Teresa Romero Ramos admits that she ‘may have touched her face’ when removing her PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Doctor German Ramirez, a physician at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid, told reporters from the Washington Post that Ramos is uncertain, but she believes it happened this way:”She has told us of the possibility that her suit had contact with her face…. It could have been an accident. It looks like it was the gloves.”

Every HCW must wear a PPE with at least two pairs of gloves when working with a BSL-4 pathogen like Ebola. Sometimes, we make errors, but an error when working with Ebola patients can prove dangerous if not fatal.

For more about this recent revelation, see today’s Washington Post article via