Join me for the 2010 “LOST Rewatch”

Set your clocks back to September 22, 2004, and join me as the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 once again nosedive into the mysterious island of the world of LOST.

With the final episode now two weeks behind us, I’ve decided to move back to square one and see if knowing the ‘end’ grants new insights to the ‘beginning’. The memes and religious overtones stamped into every episode will provide fodder for college film studies classes for decades, so let’s jump the gun and start a ‘study’ of our own. Over the coming months, I’ll be viewing one show per day and posting my thoughts about the characters and plots in LOST. You can participate by commenting with your own thoughts.

So, since this is Tuesday, it is only fitting that tonight begins our journey ‘back to the beginning’.  If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then you can ‘stream’ the first 5 seasons on your computer or Roku player (or other WiFi player). I’ve added all five seasons to my ‘queue’, so I’m ready to go.  This afternoon, I will be screening the first half of the two-part pilot episode, and tomorrow morning, I’ll post my impressions.

Are you ready? Grab your Apollo bars, some Dharma cola and chips, and prepare to ‘press play’.