Time, Space, and the Illuminati; A Look into the Secrets of SciFi’s Lost Room

“Masonry has and always had a religious creed. It teaches what it deems to be the truth in respect to the nature and attributes of God.” — Albert Pike in the “Legenda for the Nineteenth Degree”.

“Pike confessed that the original meanings of the very symbols he himself was attempting to interpret were irretrievably—lost.” — Manly P Hall – “Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins”.

IT’S A FAIR GUESS that most of you reading this article have – at some time or another – stayed overnight in a one-star motel. These linear marvels of construction dot the American landscape like a vast constellation of segmented hostels, most single-storied, many fading into obscurity as interstate systems replace the narrow highways and byways of the golden age of the automobile.I’ve stayed in my share of such motor hotels. Back in the day when I sang for my supper, such budget-conscious choices offered my weary bones a place to sleep and a hot bath. This considered, isn’t it clever and even nostalgic for the SciFi Channel to offer viewers a twisted peek into motel life — a cleverly written peek that entertains and, for those with ‘eyes to see’ even educates.

The Lost Room debuted this past week, running in three, two-hour installments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Judging by the online discussion boards, the minseries is a monster hit – translate that to ‘expect this to become a full-blown series’.The premise of The Lost Room is simple: On May 4, 1961, ‘an Event’ occurred at the Sunshine Motel near Gallup, New Mexico causing Room 10 to disappear. Since then ‘objects’ from the missing room – including a key that says ‘room 10’ on it – have appeared, some providing clues, many conveying powers to their owners. Since 1961, the great motel mystery has founded at least two opposing cults – The Legion and The Order.

The series begins as the protagonist, Detective Joe Miller, investigates the incineration of two thugs in a laundry. Iggy, one of Miller’s pet projects works at the laundry. When Iggy – who steals the ‘room 10 key’ from the crime scene – stumbles into Miller’s home through a closet door and then dies. As a result, Miller comes into possession of ‘the key’ that will forever change his life and the universe.

One of nearly a hundred ‘objects’, the Key will open any door with a tumbler lock – instantly transforming the other side of that door into ‘Room 10’, allowing the keyholder to enter the invisible room. Miller’s daughter Anna discovers the key’s function and uses it to escape when an attacker – sent by a man called ‘The Weasel’, one of several unscrupulous ‘collectors’. Terrified, Anna slams the door shut but leaves the key in the lock. The Weasel’s goon uses the abandoned key to unlock the door, which resets the interior of ‘Room 10’ (anything that isn’t ‘an object’ will disappear when the room ‘resets’).

When the door opens again, Anna is gone.Miller’s quest to find his missing daughter forces him to follow a trail of clues, obtaining ‘objects’ and deciphering their powers and combinations – and he must determine whom to trust: The Legion, The Order, or wealthy ‘collector’ Karl Kreutzfeld.Puzzle plotting is all the rage in Hollywood. Dan Brown kicked it off with Davinci Code, and movies like ‘National Treasure’ and television series like ‘Lost’ and ‘Heroes’ have followed. What sets ‘The Lost Room’ apart is both the overtly religious aspect of the treasure hunt and the hidden imagery – but once you ‘see it’, you can’t stop ‘seeing it’ – The Lost Room has Freemasonry written all over it.

Let’s begin with the first object – The Key. This amazing artifact instantly conveys the user to an invisible realm – another dimension? Heaven? Leave it to SciFi to compare God’s throne to a cheezy motel room. Once inside the sun-drenched, New Mexico motel room, Miller begins to piece together the puzzle of ‘The Event’. Since he’s wanted for the murder of his partner (Ruber, mentioned below, is the real killer), he even sleeps overnight there – claiming the room as his own (heavy foreshadowing of apotheosis).

As the central figure, Joseph Miller’s name begs examination. ‘Joseph’ instantly suggests a bridge between two worlds – Egypt and Israel. Joseph, son of Jacob, was sold into slavery by his brothers, but this act was used by God to preserve the Israelites and Egypt through a coming famine. Joseph rose to the heights of politics in his new home amongst the pyramids. It’s interesting to note here that ‘The Sunshine Motel’ rests on a desert plain surrounded by pyramid-shaped mountains.

The surname ‘Miller’ rings a bell with me, for it’s the surname of a famous apocalyptic preacher of the 19th century – William Miller who founded ‘The Millerites’. Now – marry these two names together – ‘Joseph’ the Savior of Israel and ‘Miller’ who preached a coming apocalypse. Can you see where this is headed?

Freemasonry espouses a religion contrary to Christianity. This works-based faith takes the penitent upon a journey of self-discovery – opening successively more tantalizing doors of revelation as each new level is mastered. Some believe there are only 32 degrees in Freemasonry, but it is widely claimed that a 33rd level exists. I would assert that there are two more sets of 33 ‘steps’ above this, leading to a total of perhaps 99 levels.Now, many references are made to the number of ‘objects’ from room 10 – ‘nearly a hundred’, ‘almost a hundred’. What if there are 99? If these 99 objects are considered steps to enlightenment (solving the puzzle), then the last step (the final solution to room 10) might equal ‘100’. As his journey progresses, Miller discovered the location of the physical Sunshine Motel in Gallup, New Mexico, but he finds only 9 rooms.

“There never was a room 10,” an old man tells him. “Something happened. After that, we started finding stuff.” The former caretaker of the motel weeps as he tells his tale. He had the opportunity for ‘enlightenment’ but he failed. His wife, who did ‘see’ the truth but wanted to ‘force’ a revelation of God’s presence, was sacrificed in Room 9 — lost in another dimension. The ‘mythical’ room 10 – the epitome of all levels – is hidden, revealing itself in pieces to those who ‘see’. It is like the Holy Grail, sought by Arhur’s knights — discovered within by Percival.

The Event changed time and space by scattering ‘the Objects’ into a world of humans – both to tease and to test. Members of “The Legion” seek to destroy the objects because they fear the end of the world.

“The Order of the Reunification” believes the objects are the relics of a broken god, and that by bringing all of them together, they will be able to ‘speak to God’. Here is where ‘an enemy’ enters the scene: Dr. Martin Ruber (who killed Miller’s partner), works as a forensic scientist in Miller’s precinct. During the initial investigation into the laundry murders, Ruber happens to see Miller use ‘the Key’, and this glimpse into the ultimate secret ingnites an all consuming fire within his brain. Ruber ruthlessly seeks and collects an object to gain admittance to ‘The Order’, but his dark nature twists him into an antagonistic shape – like Miller, he seeks truth – but not to save another — Ruber wants to dominate others.How does all this reflect Freemasonic patterns and beliefs? The ‘pyramid mountains’ outside The Sunshine Motel are a clue. “Masonry is regarded as the direct descendant, or as a survival of the mysteries…of Isis and Osiris in Egypt.” (Robert Freke Gould, Past Senior Grand Deacon of England, Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Vol. 1, p. 13, History of Freemasonry; New York, 1884)

Osiris? We’ve discussed the stories of Isis and Osiris in Part II of this series, but Osiris is the ‘Key’ here. According to the myth (although ‘myth’ is a misnomer, since the story may well be founded on an actual event; most likely in Babylon), Osiris was tricked into a ‘coffin’ (pictured by ‘room 10’) and then dismembered and hidden. Isis gathered up the pieces and reassembled them to give birth to Horus (who became a vessel for the spirit of Osiris).

In The Lost Room, an ‘Event’ scatters the pieces of ‘god’, and each mystical ‘object’ seeks ‘reunification’ with the others to give birth to a new ‘god’. Miller is accompanied on his journey of discovery by several companions – as Isis was helped by Nephthys and Anubis.In the role of Nephthys|Isis (who appears to have a past ‘relationship’ with Kreutzfeld – a ‘Set’ type), we have ‘Jennifer Bloom’, whose first name is a version of the Old Welsh ‘Guinevere’ (wife of King Arthur and Lancelot’s ‘lover’). The surname ‘Bloom’ evokes images of hope and renewal.

Anubis is played at various times by Kreutzfeld and Wally Jabrowski (a comic version to say the least). Pinpointing exact correlations is difficult, since each participant shifts position as the mystery unfolds. Ruber certainly fulfills the role of Set, but so do “the Weasel” and Karl Kreutzfeld (who seeks ‘the eye’ to heal his son).

Which brings us to the Objects themselves. We’ve already mentioned two – The Key and The Eye. The Key is obvious – it is the starting point to wisdom. The Eye represents “The Eye of Horus” and as such, stands at the pinnacle of the upward journey. This Object rests in ‘The Vault’, a tomblike structure where twelve of the Objects are secured (to protect the world from an inevitable end).

A thirteenth Object is also found there – an empty coffin. This, Miller believes, once held ‘The Occupant’, a mystical man who stands at the center of the enigma. We know he is one-eyed, for his glass eye is one of the ‘objects’. Horus lost an eye to Set (an eye later restored by Toth). It is the ‘eye of Horus’ we see on the backs of our dollar bills, rising over the top of a thirteen-stepped pyramid (the word MASON can be found by linking the circular wording into a pentagram shape). This same image forms the overall ‘keyhole’ shape – for the eye is Wisdom itself (in the minds of those who follow ‘the mysteries’ of Freemasonry).

‘The Occupant’ represents Osiris and Horus – both of the same spirit. The Seeker (Miller) must descend into the netherworld of the Vault’s tomb as part of his journey. His companion in this part of the quest is Kreutzfeld (a man whom Jennifer does not trust – a former ‘lover’ perhaps? – we do know they have a ‘past’).

The Twelve Objects residing in the Vault (tomb) might represent the 12 houses of the Zodiac or the 12 Disciples. Osiris was said to have been torn into 14 pieces, but his murderers numbered 72 (12 houses, each with 6 constellations – equals 72). They may also represent the 12 sons of Jacob. It’s interesting that Kreutzfeld’s son’s name is ‘Isaac’ (Jacob’s father).Egyptian mysteries reach back into the roots of civilization – back to Babylon, if not further even to the Garden and the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’. Since that fateful moment in mankind’s history, many have used ‘hidden mysteries’ as a path to ‘enlightenment’ – in other words, they’re still eating those apples.

Freemasonry uses the same model of progressive advancement toward the top of the pyramid of knowledge. Very few reach that goal. At the top is apotheosis – so-called ‘godhood’. This lie hasn’t changed since Eden: ‘you shall be as gods’, the Serpent told Eve. Mystery religions and cults hook the seeker with promises of ‘secret knowledge’ – they are handed a small key and told they will learn to use it as they progress up the ladder. Each level will reveal more clues to those who are ‘worthy’ (and what of us doesn’t want to be considered ‘worthy’?).

Freemasons are closely linked to another mystery cult – The Knights Templar. Here too, we have a connection in Kreutzfeld’s name. Karl, his first name, stands for ‘man’. Kreutzfeld is an old German compound word – Kreutz gives us a picture of ‘the cross’ but it also represents someone who seeks ‘the cross’, a pilgrim – perhaps a ‘Templar’? – and ‘feld’ means ‘field’. This field is cleared of forests that obscure, so it gives a wide view to anyone standing on it. Kreutzfeld represents the humanist pursuit of religious truth – seeking for power not for enlightenment.Before I close, let me share a few other insights. Did you know that the word ‘motel’ can be separated into two old world words? ‘Mot’ is the name of a god who was conquered by Baal. The name ‘Mot’ means Word (as in Word of God). ‘El’ means god – as in ELohim and IsraEL. One might then say that ‘Mot-el’ represents the ‘Word of God’. Here, our motel is named ‘Sunshine’ – evocative of Lucifer and Osiris and Ra, representing the Sun God. The Eye of Horus is also called ‘the Eye of Ra’.

Want more? Ok. The Event happened on May 4, 1961. 1961 is 19 mirrored (61 is 19 upside down and backwards). Louis Farrakhan, who represents not only the Nation of Islam but also – it is said – the Freemasons said: “Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president. Thomas Jefferson, the third president, and 16 and three make 19 again. What is so deep about this number 19? Why are we standing on the Capitol steps today? That number 19 — when you have a nine you have a womb that is pregnant. And when you have a one standing by the nine, it means that there’s something secret that has to be unfolded.

”In the final installment of The Lost Room, we learn that Room 9 leads to the truth about Room 10 – added together these two room numbers equal 19. May 4 is a hidden 9 (5+4). The hands of the ‘Clock’ (an Object) stand at 1:20:45. ‘1:20’ could be read as ‘120’. The 120 degree angle is one-third of the clock – 33 degrees of masonry equals one-third of the distance to apotheosis or the top of the pyramid. But 120 degrees also hints at a triangle or pyramid. In one scene, Kreutzfeld finds drawings hidden inside a book once owned by a Collector (interestingly the book is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). One of the drawings shows a ‘hexagon’ that when connected reveals three segments – forming the upside down triangle of a nuclear radiation warning sign. To further cement the triangles, the angle formed by the minute hand at 1 and the second hand at 45 suggest a second ‘120 angle’.

Is your mind mush yet? Mine was while watching the miniseries (three times). I’ll likely watch it again this Sunday when SciFi Channel reruns all three installments back to back. If you want to take a peek into Hollywood’s Illuminati imagery, I strongly suggest you add The Lost Room to your viewing schedule.Once again Hollywood uses a fictional vehicle for planting gnostic imagery into our minds. Don’t fall for it. Peer into that Darkness but do not be fooled. Freemasonry and all ‘mystery religions’ lead to madness and finally to hell.Jesus Christ is the only Truth. Do you know Him as your Savior? Now is the perfect time to get to know Him.