Keeping It Off, One Meal at a Time

After losing 106 pounds. Yep, I can wear skinny jeans. – Size 4.

It’s been over two years since I took off more than a hundred pounds, and I can honestly say that the journey has been rewarding in many ways. For instance, Derek and I traveled to Israel this year, which meant lots of walking, climbing, and long days in a bus. Before losing the weight, I’d never have managed Day 1, let alone 3 weeks! After we toured Israel, we spent 3 days in Jordan, and then visited Rome and Sardinia with the True Legends tour. Again, this would have put me in bed for a month before the weight loss.

But was it just the pounds that made the difference? No.

Taken in 2015 at my old weight of 238 pounds. – Size 3x.

Nutrition has become my daily watchword. I don’t always succeed totally, but overall, I try to consider what my cells require for the day’s metabolism and optimum functions. Protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, vitamins, minerals, loads of water. My cravings have been reprogrammed, and my body responded with a leaner profile and more energy. I tried nearly every popular diet program out there previously, but only when I started to think NUTRITION did it actually work. I still weigh myself every day and keep track of what I eat. This helps me to see what causes fluid retention, gastric issues, or what revs me up or slows me down. 

Joe Horn has published a wonderful book about nutrition and getting healthy, and he will soon be joining me for a series of programs on how food affects our lives. Look for this DVD soon!

Take it from someone who suffered for decades with poor health, you CAN do this!