Analog Time

As part of the TV generation, I grew up in front of a flickering, black and white picture tube, laughing at cartoons, crying for lost heroes, and puzzling over game show conundrums. Later on, thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, I added the very machine upon which I write this note: the personal computer.

Streaming video on our large screen, high definition, color televisions allow me to revisit favorite shows from my childhood while interacting with friends, family, and acquaintances from across the entire globe. Though I love this instant communication, the virtual realm can sometimes so captivate me that I forget to enjoy the miraculous world our Father created. And so it is that I’ve jumped headlong into analog time.

During the past several weeks, a nagging cold/influenza virus has plagued me and forced me to spend most of my days sleeping in a makeshift ‘sick room’ in our lower level, family room. Thank the Lord for such ‘forced’ change! The vacation from virtuality has enlivened my imagination and enriched me beyond measure. Switching off the computer and even the television for long stretches leads me into literary pathways and outdoor amusements, filled with glorious birdsong and animated by squirrels and chipmunks.

As I type this, I sit in our living room, a fire dancing in the hearth, and raindrops leaving their silvery trails upon the windows. The birds have gone quiet, but gold and russet leaves rustle as gray squirrels hustle to lay aside a winter’s worth of acorns and walnuts. Sam, our dachshund, snores in the bedroom down the hall. All is well with the world.

How can any virtual world compare to the quiet splendor of God’s creation? Analog time is precious. Enjoy some today, won’t you?