Farewell David Flynn….

This morning, Derek and I learned that a wonderful brother in Christ has moved on to meet our Savior. David Flynn spent his life serving Christ through the marvelous mind that the Lord gave him. David once told us that, as a child, he had trouble with math, which makes his ability to work with esoteric and very complicated numbers a wonder indeed.

In addition to presenting papers to conferences, Flynn authored two ground-breaking books that continue to stymie even the most thoughtful among us: Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars (currently out of print) and The Temple at the Center of Time., still available at Amazon.com or at his publisher’s website.

May the Lord bring comfort to David’s family and friends, and may He continue to bless us all through David’s body of work. David’s website and many articles may be found by clicking the image above or clicking here. David, dear friend, you will be sorely missed.