8 Women Dead at Indian State-Run Mass Sterilization Camp

[T]his morning brings shocking news from India, where a burgeoning population of over a 1.2 billion people has driven the government to incentivize voluntary sterilization in couples. In this case, eight women who had been paid the equivalent of $10 to remove all possibility of conception at a state-run ‘health camp’ were released to their homes only to return to hospitals soon after and die due to complications.

Last year, the barbaric conditions of some of these camps were exposed by NDTV, which revealed that hundreds of women had been left to ‘recover’ in a field adjacent to one such sterilization camp, when doctors there exceeded the maximum number of daily patients and didn’t appear to have recovery space available.

According to a report published at the New York Daily News February of last year, neither of the two ‘surgeons’ were licensed in gynecology.

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