The Healthcare for Children Trap

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October 21, 2007

IT’S EVERY parent’s nightmare — the big fear that something unforeseen could happen on the playground, the bus, in after-school sports, or in a car with friends that would forever alter their precious child, let alone their bank account. But how did we get here?

Forgive me while I set the ‘wayback machine’ of my mind to my grandmother’s day (turn of the 20th century) when very few had health insurance, and a trip to the family doctor ended with a payment for services rendered.

Ah! Those were the days! Days when a Doctor of Medicine based his diagnosis on careful history taking, patient interviews, a thorough, hands-on examination, and most of all — experience.

Treatment fit the illness rather than insurance guidelines. Prescriptions – if required – had no connection to ‘preferred or non-preferred’, nor did the prescribing physician choose a medicine based on a sales rep’s perks. Most of all, the wise and respected family doctor did not live in constant fear of litigation from those he served.

Routine healthcare costs remained low and affordable. If grandmother owned an insurance policy, it was for catastrophic events coverage — at a low premium.

Enter high-tech medicine, high-priced lawsuits, and assembly-line medicine.

Many doctors today work for a corporation. This corporate environment puts profit before patient — and this gives us increased prices for less in return. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical houses partner with these ‘providers’ to remove personal choice and pick our pockets. Health insurance can cost thousands per year — even though the policyholder might never once visit a doctor in that year. Think of what grandma could have done with those thousands!

Now, the government wants to join the corporate/insurance/pharmaceutical cabal by pulling legal strings meant to hogtie doctors and force patients into unwanted and perhaps unwarranted health ‘choices’. Both sides of the aisle are pushing for increased ‘Children’s Healthcare’ (the recent bill in Congress would have extended the age of a ‘child’ to 25, and the cutoff for ‘low income’ at 83,000 per year! — more on this later).

Hillary Clinton, famous for her ‘It Takes a Village’ philosophy and healthcare offerings in the 1980s, has arrived late to the table, but she brings so-called ‘choice’ she says will free Americans from health insurance woes.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Government ownership of your children’s healthcare translates to government ownership of your children. Period. If Hillary (most likely the next president — sigh) succeeds in saddling Americans with such a program, then we will likely be forced to:

1. Verichip our children.
2. Immunize our children on a government schedule (this would likely mean routine flu shots, etc. — some might be new (read experimental here), and some or all may contain harmful ingredients.
3. Keep our children at a government optimized weight — ‘choice’ would go out the window. (I can’t help seeing Hitler Youth in my head).
4. Allow our children to participate in campus health clinic that would most likely distribute birth control like candy — even to elementary school kids (some girls begin menstruating in grade school).
5. Register our children’s DNA profile.
6. Allow government to dictate which children may continue to college (remember that ’25 year old’ age limit?) based on mental health and genetics.
7. Make all children (male and female) to the government for drug trials, etc.
8. Subject our precious children to invasive procedures (abortions without choice — ‘Sorry, Susy, your DNA profile isn’t compatable with Johnny’s’) or sterilization.
9. Enroll our children in required pre-school courses — perhaps even as a baby (for evaluation purposes).
10. Watch our children (especially those deemed not suited for college) sent off to war in a draft (there’s that 25-year-old age limit again — and this would include middle class kids — that 83,000 dollar income limit).

Bottom line — when the federal government offers you a handout — prepare to be slapped. Or worse yet, to have that hand cut off.

As our economy slides further and further into recession (yes, that’s where we’re heading — with a depression not far behind), such offers will become more and more tempting — but they always have strings attached. One day — the Bible tells us — those ‘strings’ will require we pledge our allegiance to the government, that we worship AntiChrist rather than the true Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s all part of a tempting trap — and many will fall into it. Will you?

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior, please consider Him today. Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Light. Lucifer will present a counterfeit, but those who follow him will end in Eternal Death. Choose LIFE — Choose Jesus Christ today.