A Dream and an Angel

Originally Published: September 2, 2004

DURING the summer of 1995, I had a very vivid dream. Let me say first of all that I’ve “seen” things since I was very young – often disturbing, demonic things, and sometimes beautiful things. In this particular dream, I had 3 “dreams”. Let me explain.

I remember thinking I had awoken, but I found a small baby sitting on the end of my bed, looking at me. I said hello to the infant, and he began to speak. He told me that “Jesus is coming back soon.” I said “I know.” And the infant said, “I mean very soon – September.”

(Remember, I’m still asleep, but I think I am awake.)

Well, I decided to lie back down, and once again, I thought I had awoken. I stood up and began to dress, then I noticed a good friend of mine was standing in my room. “Hi, Julie,” I said, and I hugged her. “Did you know Jesus is coming back soon?” she asked me. “I know,” I replied. “No, very soon,” she insisted. “September.”

Now, a third time, I believe I have awoken, and I find myself in a large church attic that looks like an overturned ark – my sister is teaching a group of children. “Hi, Fay,” I say, and she turns to me and says, “Jesus is coming back soon.” “I know,” I reply. “No, really soon,” she insists. “September.”

Just then, both of us hear a mighty trumpet, and I am lifted into the air. As I rise, I realize that I’m being carried. I ask the being carrying me to show himself, and he does. It’s a magnificent, and extremely bright angel.

The dream ends, and I finally awake to the real world.

Right after this dream occurred, I told many friends about it. It is as clear to me today as it was then. Now, let me tell you a true event that happened to members of my family back in the early 1980s.

This married couple was traveling between Lincoln and Omaha on I-80. Along the road, they saw a hitchhiker on the side of the road. Steve, being kindhearted, stopped to pick up the man. This bedraggled gentlemen thanked them and settled into the back seat. As they drove, Steve asked the man if he knew Christ, and the stranger said “Oh, yes. He’s coming back soon.”

Steve said that he knew that. The man in the back of the car leaned forward and said, “Very soon.”

Steve started to reply, but the man was no longer there. He had vanished. I heard this story from Steve and his wife, and I guarantee you that they are not the type to make this up.

Dear friends, the time is very near. Christ is coming back soon. Very soon.