Globetrotting Sam at the G8


WHO’S that snappily dressed canine next to President Obama’s left shoe? Well, it’s none other than Sam T. Dachshund hobnobbing with his old G20 pals at the Group of Eight (G8) meeting!

As with his recent G20 visit, Sam is taking particular note of the agenda, and promises to report back to PID Radio listeners as time permits. Tops for him is renaming the event — although media outlets may not change their copy, the G8 has now become known as the K9.

The plucky dachshund is keeping busy, and his schedule is packed. The photo to the left is a close-up of Sam, but the entire ‘group’ picture is below:
G8 Class Pic_600wide

Sam did give us an insider peek at the meeting in L’Aquila, Italy. According to Sam, Michelle Obama is toting a handbag that comes in at $6000, but the big guy’s shoes could use a shine. Strange priorities.

Sam also reported that his old pal, Hu Jintao of China, had to leave early due to the continuing Uighur riots. Sam wanted to talk to Hu about the Uighurs (Sam says no one should be oppressed–except maybe cats), but Hu didn’t seem interested. Maybe next year.