Low Carbon Dieting and the Globalist Agenda

“Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” Thomas Jefferson.

TODAY is Flag Day, and sadly, it appears to be passing with very little recognition.In fact, many Americans are unaware that 230 years ago today, Congress met and approved Betsy Ross’s design for a banner that would represent the original thirteen colonies of our brand new union. On June 14, 1777, the Betsy Ross Flag made its debut to the cheers and fervent approval of a fledgling nation, and the rest — as they say — is history.Perhaps you’re wondering why an article titled ‘Low Carbon Dieting and the Globalist Agenda’ begins with a heart-strings, patriotic tribute to the stars and stripes. Simplly put, all that our flag is supposed to represent is slowly fading away in the glaring bright lights of forced globalism. The country our forefathers envisioned — the land our parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives, and even our children have in the past or continue in the present to defend — will soon be nothing more than a regional government body within a massive global oligarchy.It’s happening all around us — through doorways we have left unguarded. Americans no longer eat what we grow, no longer wear what we manufacture, and we no longer judge according to our own constitution. Treaties and economic forums rule the day, and the global needs of the many (it is claimed) outweigh the needs of the few. Peak-oil, global warming, environmental pollution, and animal rights are debatable issues that have fastracked to ‘accepted’ if not ‘sacred cow’ status allowing regulation of tax-strapped ‘have-nots’ by the oligarch ‘haves’.Take for instance the new fad of ‘low carbon consumption’. The ‘world’ looks down upon the US as a major ‘pollutor’, yet China belches sulphur dioxide, arsenic, and even zinc into the jet stream with impunity — all the while, sanitizing entire city blocks in advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (And woe to the thousands of impoverished Chinese families who are now homeless — but isn’t Beijing shiny now!)Major corporations fly private jets from rising to setting sun to grab a fancy meal or glad-hand investors without consideration of the impact airline travel has on the environment or of the amount of fuel guzzled by each trip.We’re told oil is running out, and that our world is in the proverbial toilet. ‘Green-friendly’ politicians (thankful for donation-stuffed election coffers) claim only global cooperation will save us from ourselves and preserve out lifestyles. (Twisted logic like that can leave you chasing your own tail).Farming, they say, is ruining the land, development is ruining the land, cows are ruining the air, and the only solution is to ‘re-wild’ America with predators, prey, and prairies. (I would argue that the first two are already here). Forgive me if this essay lacks the lustre and compelling cohesion of a well-conceived, measured political pundit, but this low carbon diet is killing me.It’s doubtful that the Gilbert Family will be buying ‘carbon indulgences’ like Al Gore’s crowd — we’re just mortgaging our lives to keep food on the table and gas in the car.Most Americans struggle with the same day to day issues.And so, getting back to that red-white-and-blue Flag and the disappearing United States for which it stands. Enjoy it while you can, because — just as the crisp flap and flutter of flags flying in the afternoon sun has died out to a whisper in many neighborhoods — so dies the sound of opposition. Some days, the silence is deafening.Will we ever see a 250th observance of Flag Day, twenty years hence? At this rate, you and I will be saluting a ‘North American Union’ (made in China), wearing recycled cardboard shoes worn thin from walking.