Unbelievable: Apple’s inflated stock prices just keep rising

Say what? Apple stock jumped 47% on the year? The year’s not yet 3 months along! Who’s got money enough to load it at $600 per share? Call me crazy, but I’m betting Apple stock starts nosediving soon. For those who bought during the lean years (when Apple was practically a penny stock–before the iMacs), think about getting out now. The world economy can’t support a stock like this, not can it continue to buying Apple’s products for much longer.

(Reuters) – As Apple’s stock leaps to successive highs, it’s intriguing to look back every couple of weeks just to see how far the tech giant has come.

Shares of the iPad and iPhone maker eclipsed the $600 barrier for the first time on Thursday, only about a month after first topping $500.

via Apple continues to defy gravity as stock hits $600 | Reuters.