Ha! NaNo Day 9: 25,000 Words!

MY NAILS ARE BREAKING, but the wordcount is steadily climbing.I’ve never had beautiful nails, but they’re servicable — they keep the ends of my fingers from hurting every time I hit a keystroke. About an hour ago, I hit the magic halfway mark for NaNoWriMo — 25,000 words — so I’ve decided to take off the remainder of the day. I’m listening to Derek interview Lou Dobbs right now (boy, Derek gets some high profile guests! Go Derek!) while working on my lousy manicure.

If you type much, you will understand how tapping all day long can chip away at the tips of your nails. This summer, I spent two months with acrylic nails — don’t do it. They look great, but they’re thick, and you can’t pick up coins very easily. Removing them left my nails screaming for their top layers, and only now have they pretty much grown in.

One nice thing about the acrylics though was that those tough tips just didn’t chip! Of course, they contributed to more than my fair share of typos.

I’ve always had a split brain — half scientist, half artist — and this may explain why I write stories that use science as a basis.White Skies continues this trend for me. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turning out. My original intention to center on Daniel Tohe’s character has shifted as Maggie Taylor horned her way into the cast. If you recall Donald Yarber, the DARPA agent from Armageddon Strain— he’s back, and he plays a much more important role. I’ve enjoyed developing his background further over the past couple of days.

Well, back to work! I have to apply a second coat of nail polish to these sad little nails.