Knobbly Knees, a Personal Writing Challenge, and NaNoWriMo Musings

My plan to read more this month begins with Corsi’s latest.

[I]t’s hard to believe that I’ve allowed so much temporal grass to growth beneath my feet since the last time I posted an article. The summer has been a busy one: heavy involvement in an outside writing project, the amazing conference in Colorado with the Prophecy in the News team, and then there’s my knee surgery.

While I’ve love to think my body is immune from the ravages of a fallen world, such insanity doesn’t loom long in my brain–it cannot. My creaking joints and slowly dimming eyesight are constant reminders of the moment Adam and Eve sinned and our world and our bodies were cursed. One day, yes, I will receive that eternal body promised by our Savior, but that day is not yet. My recent knee problem is a case in point. 

In June, I volunteered to teach the Missions Module in our church’s Vacation Bible School session. I spent several weeks preparing, and I’d really looked forward to sharing lessons about Nepal and Tibet with the children. However, on the very first night, my knee failed–in fact, it felt like a knife had jabbed the inside (medial) portion, and I wondered if my ACL has decided to take a vacation. One of our members is a retired sports medicine expert, and he examined the throbbing knee and pronounced it a meniscus tear. Long story short, after three doctor visits, an X-ray and an MRI, I found myself in a pre-op room being readied for a meniscus repair. I’ve now spent the better part of six weeks with my left leg up, punctuated by the odd rounds of increasingly strenuous exercise (stairs are the bane of my life now, and we live in a split level home!).

Ah. Now, life is beginning to level out again, and I find myself facing October 1 with very little written here. The world has continued to spin. Syria, Iran, the Horn of Africa remain trouble spots, and Bible prophecy appears to play out before our very eyes.

And then there is National Novel Writing Month. If you’re new to this blog, let me explain. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is a writing challenge to all aspiring and seasoned writers to put together 50k or more words in the space of thirty days. It commences at one minute past midnight on 11/1 and ends on the stroke of midnight on 11/30. So, in order to limber up my mind and my fingers (whilst giving the stairs a miss and the knee a rest), I am going to try to post 500 words or more here each day. I am also challenging myself to read more (a surefire way to ‘kindle’–get it?—the imagination’s fires). My first book choice is ‘Who Really Killed Kennedy?’ by Jerome R. Corsi. Derek interviewed Corsi on a recent VFTB program, in case you’re interested.

Want to join me in the challenge to read and write more? Send me a note on Facebook!