Veneration Is Getting Great Reviews!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all who’ve taken the time to review our newest book at Amazon. Derek and I are humbled and thrilled with your support and kind words. This is our first outing as co-authors, but we plan lots more.

Here are a few samples from the reviews:

• Here is the “big picture” that has been missing for so many of us

• What a team these two make. Derek and Sharon are the consummate researchers and this book certainly proves it.

• You will find these authors to be superb in their information and delivery of the subject.

• The amount of knowledge learned so far is amazing.

• Groundbreaking! Eyeopening! 

• From ancient civilizations to many of the assumptions that we make as “modern” believers, the Gilberts uncover the unseen battle between our God and the enemies that try to oppose Him.

• This book will unpack all the small g gods during the creation of the Old Testament and the New Testament. You will know who the Bible is talking about when it is describing entities of the unseen realm.