American Police Force is Now ‘American Private Police Force’

APPF LogoFor the life of me, I can’t figure out why the insertion of ‘private’ into the company name helps with any potential legal action. If I understand California regulations, it is unlawful to use the word ‘police’ in the name of any private investigative agency.

Note also that the company’s ‘logo’ has changed from the Serbian coat of arms (though it’s still in the Flash movie at the top) to an Eagle. Becky Shay told KULR8 News that the logo change was simply  “the quickest thing he could to diffuse [sic] tension”.  Shay claimed to have no knowledge of any litigation pending from the Serbian consulate.

By the way, today’s the firs time I’ve noticed the music playing in a small Flash window beneath the logo — Ravel’s ‘Bolero’. Interesting.

Surprisingly, the contract between APF (oops, I guess that’s APPF now) and Two Rivers Authority is still on the table, and a town meeting is scheduled for this afternoon (Monday, Oct. 5) at 3:00 pm at Hardin City Hall.

To see the changes for yourself, visit the APPF website.


  1. I have found out enough stuff on this Michael Dokovich character that would stop a lawyer in his tracks and shiver.. with that being said, I have been in contact with U.S. Bank (who holds the note on the Hardin detention center for $27 million ) they were very interested in his background and wanted to know more.

  2. That almost looks like it could be a phoenix looking bird…not a regular eagle pose and the color…a new age phoenix…Harry Potter style…perhaps

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