Kudos to the Doxie Mom from Juneau!

The black bear was carrying the dog like it would a salmon. (Photo US Forest Service)

Punching a black bear in the face is likely not on the top of anyone’s ‘safety list’, but I’d like to send a shout out to the Juneau, Alaska woman tho did just that–and all to save her little dachshund, Fudge.

According to an Associated Press article posted today at the Boston Herald, 22-year-old Brooke Collins was letting her dogs out for an evening stroll when she heard a horrible sounding barks. Running to the source of the barks, she was horrified to discover a black bear holding little Fudge between its massive paws, biting into the small dog’s neck.

“That bear was carrying her like a salmon,” she said.

Without even taking a breath or a minute to think, Collins did what most if not all good Doxie moms would do, she punched that bear smack in the face! The Lord must have been with both Fudge and Brooke Collins that evening, for instead of attacking Collins, the bear looked puzzled and then tore off down the driveway and into the bushes.

Praise the Lord for saving both Fudge and her mom, Brooke!