September Song

Is your lamp lit and filled with oil? Be ready, for the Groom is coming soon!

Over the many years of writing for this website and others, I’ve often contemplated Christ’s return during the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. This morning, I did a quick search of this site’s archives for articles I’ve written on the Rapture of the Church, and I discovered that my first online publication on the topic was in 2004–seven years ago.

What I ask of you at this moment in time is to consider the very real possibility that Christ will return for His Bride at any moment…and that this month could be His scheduled return. Now, if you’re saying to yourself right now that ‘no man can know the day or the hour’, then you’re right. I’m not predicting the exact day or hour–I’m merely saying that we can know the season.

This month is when Jews around the world celebrate the beginning of the world and the creation of Adam. Rosh Hashanah means the ‘head of the year’, and it is said that on this day, the Lord God Almighty fashioned a new creation called Adam and instilled that new man with His own breath, granting him life and the unique property of being ‘in God’s own image’.

Six thousand or so years have passed since that amazing moment in time. During those millennia, mankind has proven again and again just how depraved we can be–but God still loved us so much that He sent His Son, Yeshua ha Meshiach (Jesus the Christ in Greek), to provide the living sacrifice for you and for me–for all who accept Him–so that we will live with our Father for eternity rather than suffer eternal DEATH in Hell.

Perhaps, you know Christ as your Savior already, but if you do not, I implore you to consider Christ today. Tomorrow may be too late for you. We all have an expiration date–is yours coming soon? Christ IS returning for His Bride, perhaps this month on Rosh Hashanah–are you ready to go with Him?



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  1. Shalom Sharon.
    Do you ever wonder where your work ends up and is read? Well this note is to say it has come “down under” here on the upside down part of the world New Zealand.
    I want to say thank you so much for your contributions to the task of informing us lesser gifted folk on what is going on in the laboratories of this world. I have done a heap of reading this past year and your work and name comes up in many authors like Chuck Missler, Tom Horn etc.
    I have particularly appreciated your chapter in “Pandemonium’s Engine”. That has caused me to drag out my old text books to try and understand just how complex this creation of our Lord is. Frankly it is mind-blowing to me. One thing is for sure what I don’t want is the upgrade that is going to be offered out of the enemy’s laboratory pawns. I’m 70 now and in many ways more active in serving my beloved Lord than ever, though in different ways as my carcase wears out, For me now every day is one to look up and wonder “Lord is it today we can come home?” Yippee, bring it on is the cry of my heart but if he doesn’t then yippee too as that means another day to serve Him and His beloved saints.
    Bless you gal, my beloved (Claire) and me love your style. I fell in love with you the minute i saw the photo on your web site and the cool pocket pencils in your jacket. I have a serious addiction to pens and pencils, the brighter the colour the better. Prayer and fasting has not worked to deliver me from this fault so now i just graciously accept that that is my perpetual and eternal weakness. isn’t Jesus kind.
    Blessings on your head from us down under. I will be a regular watcher of your work and will also read your novels.

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