Surprise! Earthquake Rumbles in Oklahoma Just Moments After ‘Great Shake Out’

This breaking news article caught my eye this afternoon:

OKLAHOMA CITY — A 3.1-magnitude earthquake shook central Oklahoma on Tuesday morning, just 15 minutes after an event meant to help Oklahomans and residents across the United States be prepared in the event of a big temblor.

via Earthquake Rumbles Just Moments After Okla. ‘Shake Out’ – Oklahoma City News Story – KOCO Oklahoma City.

This isn’t the kind of surprise that Oklahomans would consider a happy one! Nine states participated in today’s Central US ‘Great Shakeout’, including the one where we live (Illinois). The one good thing about this is that all those who paid attention to the drill knew what to do!

Here in central Illinois, we aren’t all that far from the New Madrid fault zone, so it’s wise to have a plan of action, just in case. As we approach the final days of life before Christ’s return, we must expect an increase in earthquake activity. Christ told us to look for such signs as a precursor to His return.

Are you prepared for what might happen if your city or town is rocked by a disaster? How about a financial collapse? More importantly, do you know Christ as Savior and King? If not, please click here to learn more, or read the Gospel of John to understand just who Jesus is, and why He had to die so that you and I might live. — Sharon