Madonna’s Black Mass, New World Order Rite in Diana’s Place

UPDATE: In the original version of this post, I linked to a YouTube copy of the halftime show, but as of today (2/7/12), it’s been taken down for copyright infringement. As someone who writes, I can understand the NFL choosing to do this, so I’ll not complain. I hope most of you had a chance to see the video. — SKG
Here’s what happened on the night of Sunday, February 5th, 2012 in Indianapolis, on the 39th parallel:

Last night’s epic ‘war’ between the Patriots (those who hope to prevent the New World Order) and the Giants (the Overlords, or even the Biblical Nephilim) drew, according to NBC’s estimates, 111 Million viewers. This 111 number represents, not only a perverse sort of trinity in occult circles, but is also a shorthand way of saying ‘666’.

As these 111 Million sets of eyeballs stared at the civilized warfare (interrupted over and over by beer and wild women), we overindulged in celebratory food, beer, and comradery. This shared experience thrills those who believe in a global consciousness, and the halftime show provided this Earth mind moment with 13 minutes of black magic to ‘seal the deal’.

Certainly, anyone who has seen Elizabeth Taylor’s spectacular entrance into Rome as Cleopatra in the movie of the same name recognized the pageantry as a pale imitation of that iconic moment. Echoing Cleopatra, Madonna entered the arena in her own golden chariot, drawn by Roman soldiers (ushered in by war). The singer wore an odd headdress that looked very much like a stylized goat’s head, while the rest of her costume was pure Roman soldier (except, of course, for the 5 inch stiletto boots).

So, we see ‘Madonna’ (the Virgin Mother) representing Egypt’s Cleopatra (who embodied Isis, mother of Horus/Osiris). The first song (Voguelyrics here) begins with this ‘daughter of men’ cavorting with a winged being (one pair of wings on his back, another on his feet, and a lyre in his hands). This could be Mercury, or it might also represent Lucifer/Saturn/Satan. Once this initial dance is over, the ‘Madonna’ then dances with all the ‘creatures’ (one looks like he has a goat head, another is part cheetah/leopard, one appears to be a snake, and the Virgin ‘rides’ him). This is a deliberate picture of a Genesis 6 style orgy!

As the Vogue number has ‘impregnated’ the Virgin Isis/Semiramis, the number ends with a pose, and the lights reveal a winged disc (the Egyptian sun symbol). The orgy continues now, enjoining the world to do the same–through Music. (Musiclyrics here). Performers from Cirque de Solei (circle of the sun) join Madonna as well as the rap duo LMFAO (if you don’t speak ‘internet’, this is an acronym for Laughing My F-ing A_ _ Off — apologies for the language). All the dancers are dressed in animorphic attire, almost as if animals and humans have interbred. Hmm…  These combination creatures (chimeras) also wear Egyptian and Roman dress (the high wire man is wearing a short toga–careful there!), and they also wear capes (indicating superhuman abilities).  Ending this portion with the lyrics “I’m sexy, and I know it”, this Virgin/Whore now demands worship.

The scene shifts to a cheerleader number. Dressed in white and red, the ‘vestal virgins’ join in worshiping their queen of heaven. This is a highly erotic, lesbian orgy, and Madonna is joined by two other females singers (M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj – note that her name reminds of us ‘menage a trois’. MIA, by the way, offered a middle finger to her audience–thanks so much for that!). The song is from Madonna’s latest albun (MDNA), called Give Me All Your Lovelyrics here. The white of the women’s attire represents purity, but the red (centered on their vital organs) reminds us of blood and sacrifice). The world is expected to love and worship this Isis/Semiramis/Whore of Babylon, and we are expected to love her unto death if required.

Enter the marching bands–each from one side, merging in the center. The platform bears numerous stars (pentagrams), but the center where they meet is a laurel circlet with a round white circle inside, and within that ‘orb’ is a red circle with the ‘M’ of Madonna inside–by the way, ‘M’ is shorthand for ’13’, since it is the 13th letter of our alphabet). This central imagery looks like a blood red eye (HORUS, the child), and above it is a CROWN. The bands are like warriors from the east and west, merging at the center of the New World Order for s staged battle.

The next song begins: Open Your Heartlyrics here. although, this is a very short excerpt of the song, the words speak of a forced worship/love and of finding a key. Curiously, this is a song of unrequited love–a sad, lonely woman, who has lost the love of the world (the WHORE is rejected by the warring ‘Beast’, portrayed by Cee Lo Green, who carries a large scepter. He is the ‘Priest/King’, and he subdues the Harlot. Perhaps, the song is truncated because the war is short, and the Harlot, along with her followers must now worship the Beast (Horus/Satan).

The stage morphs into the setting for the final scene, and the lights show us a ‘black sun’. The imagery here is one of sacrifice, this time it is the Woman who must die. We see a chorus in black and white, led by the Beast, now robed as a priest. Two women (one on either side of the Woman) turn away as if to show rejection as the Beast Priest steps forward (just after Madonna sings, “and it feels like home”). The two now stand, side by side, as if in agreement. The platform rises into the air while the chorus dances and sings with them. (In the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer, I want to take you there…I hear your voice. It’s like an angel sighing. I have NO CHOICE. I hear your VOICE.  Feels like FLYING. I close my eyes, O God, I think I’m falling. Out of the sky, I close my eyes. Heaven help me!) As she sings these lyrics, the light show forms a black, swirling pit (like a black hole–ABYSS) below the stage. This odd ‘black hole’ fans out as the choir sings (It’s like a dream to me!), slowly forming the nations of the world. Madonna leaves the platform, climbing up the upstage stairs, leaving the ‘Beast’ in sole control of the New World Order.

The camera now centers on Madonna (Isis/Semiramis/Whore of Babylon), who has climbed into the stars. She repeats ‘Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name. And it feels like…[Here, she disappears, falling into the stars]…HOME.

The World Religion, led by the Woman who once rode the Beast is sacrificed, but she lives among the stars.

[Let me also point out this very interesting tidbit: This was Superbowl 46. There are 46 chromosomes in the human genome. The GIANTS won.]


  1. Awesome! I was not impressed by the pizzazz of the show. Now I see. The wow factor’s in the message! She’s nothing if not cunning. Thank you for the head’s up.

    Love you guys!
    Gina smith

  2. Some say Madonna also represents ISHTAR and that the M is actually 2 upside down V’s interlaced forming a smaller v in the middle, kind of an upside down Volkswagon symbol. In hebrew, V represents 6, so here we have 666.

    Also, MDNA could also be considered mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) (which is inherited from the mother only) leaving out AON in mAdOnNa, ushering a new AON are we?

    One last thing that may be worth noting here is

    listen carefully

  3. Excellent analysis! My spirit was bothered by the spectacle, but I did not have the time to reflect on all of the symbols. Thanks for unmasking this.

  4. Great analysis!

    Thanks Sharon!

  5. Great article. I had the same feeling regarding this “performance”. FYI: at 1:45 into this video, she is holding something … watch to see till the end what she does with the something. remember her stage name is “madonna”. this is disturbing to me.

  6. Good golly! I just couldn’t watch all of Madonna’s performance in this video. It is a good thing for her that her name is Madonna or else we might never have heard of her. What a genius gimmick. All I can say is that she must have sold her soul to the devil because her lyrics are so immature (stupid), her music so uninspired, and even her ability to dance in this video is questionable. However, she does know a good deal about costuming and all aspects of putting on a spectacle. The only she way she could still be making money is from her garbage is from some supernatural means.

  7. I did catch the entrance as a Liz Taylor, roman solders, but missed all the other things and there meaning. Thanks to you my eyes have been opened!!

  8. When the show started I was sitting with some friends and with those initial marches I thought to myself how incredibly satanic this thing was looking. I hadn’t put any of it together though. Thanks for the roundup.

  9. There are so many hidden messages that I didn’t pick up on when I first viewed this video. The one thing that did stand out was both Madonna and Cee Lo were both dressed in black with Madonna on her knees in a kind of worship. When I saw the stage open up and swallow up Madonna, the fires of hell were the first thought I had. Her mother once made a comment that her daughter had sold her soul to the devil. I would say there was some truth in that statement.

  10. @Eve: I wouldn’t expect this is really Madonna’s concoction. I believe most of the performers (her included) probably have no idea what the show represented. There are most likely somewhat shadowed masterminds behind these things…

  11. This is the best analysis ive seen! I fully recognized all the symbols but new I wasn’t understanding the M , it was so prominent I knew it had a purpose. There was nothing left out of this ceremonial show. I’m distraught by how many followers of Christ are missing the story unfolding before their eyes.
    The only thing I wish you had was a facebook share button!
    Thank you!

  12. Author

    Thanks for the supportive comments, everyone! It’s nice to know that it was worth watching that disgusting video for two hours! Oh, robin, I had forgotten that I have the Share This plugin installed. I just added it to the bottom of all the posts. Thanks for the reminder! — Hugs, Sharon

  13. Satan is alive and increasing his assault on fallen man. How close are we to the final assault at Armageddon? Satanic occult symbols are everywhere, from corporate logos to music. The end of all things is near. Therefore be vigilant and self-controlled so that you can pray (1Peter 4:7). When the mid-east war starts so does God’s tribulation. Seek your salvation in Jesus Christ now.

  14. first of all I’m not a Madonna fan nor fan of superbowl/sports spectacular in general. however, I think some of this writing here is overkill. seek and you shall find. we can find “evil” or “bad” things all around us if we look for them. I have chosen to seek and find the beautiful gifts God has given us. I was involved with a group of believers that constantly were looking for the signs of the time of the end. Gee, I wonder why I ended up feeling depressed,oppressed and fearful? Since that period I feel that God taught me to seek good. I don’t know what all the hidden agendas were but I do know it is not my place to judge another human being. I can pray and turn it over to Him. I believe Mother Teresa was our best model of Christ like behavior in out times. She acted in love without judgement. When asked she gave her opinion but it was always something uplifting,loving and basic. This is what brought people to God. Not fear. Love.

  15. For everyone’s information, Madonna is well known for being a religious follower of Kaballah. Having studied it myself, in the past, I can tell you that she would have been fully aware of the symbolism. The symbolism itself was a working of the Tree of Life in Kaballah, including the Abyss portion that is mentioned.

  16. The instant I saw this half time show, I saw how Illuminati/satan inspired that it was. I couldn’t look at to much of it. It was pathetic…
    So many of the videos today by the pop/hip hop entertainers have the Illuminati symbols of the occult. Make no mistake this is intentional. And Madonna is no fool. To get to the very top of popular culture you do have to sell your soul to the devil. This is not some story. Too many rappers and singers have mentioned this very thing in their songs for it just to be idol chatter. It didn’t used to be this way, but it is now. The popular music artists are now a “fraternity.” Bound by their allegence to the freemason/illuminati/satanic order and homosexuality.
    Do your research. The truth is out there.

  17. I knew something was up when they carried Madonna out looking like a Valkyrie. But I couldn’t piece it together….

  18. The final disappearing act reminds one of the Wizard of Oz burning witch scene. Horrible!

  19. this issue is storming the net.

    maranâ’ thâ’

    “You’re loosing AMERICA!!…
    why don’t you get angry about the NDdoubleA, no, no, no,…not the NCdoubleA,….realize that you
    don’t have a Bill of Rights anymore!

    via Signs&Wonders

    “Laced with profound imagery, Madonna’s Half-time performance was, in fact, a massive Illuminati ritual, one that was witnessed by billions of viewers. On this Superbowl “Day of Atonement”, Madonna, the High Priestess of the Illuminati industry, entered the Holy of Holies of America delivered a 13 minutes sermon that was heard by all and understood by few.”

  20. Where in the world did you get all of this out of a half time show? None of your interpretation is theologically correct and it flies in the face of anything sensible. Attitudes like this, coupled with a lack of knowledge and understanding in proper theology and scriptural interpretation mocks Christianity and makes it hokey in the eyes of others.

  21. Unfortunately the video is gone from both places but your analysis was enough. It is very hard to watch people who are pawns of the Evil One. This is how Satan mocks. He knows that those who are Christ’s recognize his power and mockery through this guise of entertainment. Those oblivious to it are very unfortunate, vulnerable souls indeed. Pray, fast, and adhere to the Word of God. This is our armor. Faith, hope, and love conquers!

  22. Chris ! You are bang on ! And thank you, Sharon, for such an insightful description of the events. I concur !

  23. What a wonderful mix of fundamental Christianity, Egyptology, New Age imagery, and good old fashion paranoia.

    Your ridiculous fear-mongering is making Christianity seem like a ghost story for children. It makes it much more difficult for educated Christians to convince the world that there is an intellectual component of faith.

  24. Yeah, dancers always wear goat head hats, and hump the air, in black robes.

  25. Who in their right mind would waste time watching the false god of sports in the first place & why would ANYONE watch or listen to that filthy pig that can’t sing or dance? Sunday is a day of worship to the God of Heaven, not for all of those false gods raking in millions of God’s money for what purposes? Fools!! +JMJ+

  26. I agree with Dan. As soon as I saw the gold headdress I immediately went into prayer. I couldn’t analyze all of the symbols at one time. Thank you for stating who was the priest. Thank you for the analysis!

  27. Anyone who dresses the way she does is certainly not inspired by God. There are many other singers who are worth paying a ticket. The only dragic thing about this is that she gets away with it.

  28. Thanks for such an insightful dissection Sharon. My only quibble is that

    cirque du soleil actually means circus of the sun, not circle of the sun as you claim. The french word for circle is cercle.

    1. Author

      You’re right, Karl–but circus is the Latin word for ‘circle’. I missed a step! 🙂

  29. I’ve only seen photos of the jewish Caballa cult behaviour. The Madonna with child symbols are from the Egyptian Mysteries. In fact most all religions are sects or cults that originated in Egypt.
    The Sumerian Abram/Abraham was Initiated and educated by the Temple Priest in Egypt. He was a stargazer and astrologist.
    The Egyptian Prince called Moses worshipped the Moon God until he was taught to worship the Sun god(s) in Egypt. From there he and his nomads began to worship Marduk and Baal’ El after the Lower Kingdom split from the Upper.
    It’s really very simple if people would actually read what is written rather than be fed dogma of religion(s).

  30. Thanks for braving the tide of evil and printing this. I immediately thought of evil incarnate when I tuned in to the news shows and saw clips. I keep a small St. Benedict medal on my TVs -he is the patron for protection against poisen, which is why I watched something else anyway that night. I was horrified and agree with everything you noticed. Were I to watch it fully I would see more, im sure. I worked with a major city police force once in a nice midwestern area as an advisor on this type of stuff and the lead dect. who went to our church told me there were 13 major covens there and full of politicians, business, MD’s etc. That was scary. I fought this everywhere and saw every year that it got worse.

    As for the music, I had a kid visiting my son put his “music” back out in his car…it had a pentagram on the albulm. Later I told my son about this book Id read called something like spheres of music?? I wish I hadnt lent it around n lost it. The man who wrote it was a disturbed fellow, brilliant and used by the CIA in lab work involving mind/brain pathways. He discovered certain tones (like those used in slot machines) and combination of notes, are addictive. He claimed he could take the worst band and make them rich with this. TO prove it, he took sid Viscous and the sexpistols and made them famous. I think he moved on to mick Jaggers and others. He said this acid rock would burn loops and groves in the persons mind and they would crave the music…they put on headphones and then with subliminals, they are completly programmable. Many young people got lost to their parents this way.
    I also really believe the anti christ is in full reign, but wont mention who as it will get us in trouble

  31. This black mass/NWO Madonna performance was the halftime show at the Superbowl Sunday [sungod day]. The symbolism was obvious to any pagan but Christians were clueless. I watched the 700 club on Monday and Pat Robertson said that the show was “MARVELOUS.” One fool to another! Any Christian that watched that black mass deserves to be called a mindless Gerbil.

  32. Shame on you all. If you would have been keeping Sunday the Holy day it is you wouldn’t be so unsettled! What did you expect when you heard whom the big attraction was to be! Unless this woman repents she will perish in the eternal flames along with the young girls who’s souls she has destroyed with her demonic performances!

    Thou shalt keep Holy the Lord’s Day…..

  33. I recall watching Madonna in 1993, same stuff: faux S&M, half-naked nancy boys everywhere in fawning, submissive postures. Of course, all understand she is dramatically-overexercised, not the least attractive. As always, the so-sexy
    “squats”. Ugh! Madonna is a mediocre vocalist, I can dance better, and almost everyone says her acting is fair at best.
    So, WTF is this endless spectacle? Given the average talents, but the world-class impresario stuff, can ANYONE tell me exactly what the significance of this person is?

  34. I definitely caught on to the dark, blasphemous atmosphere of the show, but what I found most intriguing was that this was the first Super Bowl half time show I’ve ever watched that had perfect sound, perfest timing, was perfectly clear and audibly understandable. I can’t think of any other performance where something didn’t obscure the performance in some way; faulty audio, bad timing, ill thought out light shows or gimmickry. They really aced this one, with no technical fault to block the message. These birth pains of the age can no longer be questioned as possibly Braxton-Hicks; it’s the real deal folks. Labor is intesifying, and this thing is really happening – have you worshipped your Savior today?

  35. I hate all this modern “music” It’s too… dark….. and gritty. The lyrics in the song are pure evil.

    Also, the swastika is NOT a peace symbol. It’s an evil symbol. The reason why some organizations and even THE NAZIS used it was because it’s a symbol for evil things….

    I’m just glad I listen to the safe rock’n roll and heavy metal bands. I do not listen to the ones with controversial lyrics. I read all the lyrics before listening to a song. Anyways, this article was very informative! Thank you!

  36. I would like to subscribe to your web-site and be on your list of recipients in the future.

  37. I recall Madonna’s first appearance on TV- it was on “American Bandstand.” She was asked what she wanted to do. Her answer- “I want to rule the World.” I’m now 47, and when I was in high-school, Madonna played the “nice girl faking the naughty girl” routine. As she progressed into increasingly perverse re-creations of her public and private persona, three generations of girls followed along. She passed the torch, so to speak, on the MTV music video awards, when she french- kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on live television. This was in the mid- 90’s and things are getting worse. God have mercy on all of us for sitting on our behinds and doing nothing about it.

  38. I thank my God for discernment. From the very second of the half-time show, chills went up my spine. I knew immediately when I heard who was going to be performing what a sad choice had been made, but in no way was I prepared for the evilness nor the worldliness of the performance.

    Each passing day I understand more and more why the world is an enemy to God. The ending of the performance was horrifying. As tho hell opened up its throat and sucked her down.

  39. Nokomis you are absolutely right the Antichrist is in power, but not completely, that does not happen until the head wound takes place and then the whole world wonders after the beast who had a head wound and did live. You see, the press will report that he is dead, but then he will come back to life. It is all ready to take place before our very eyes. If you have not read the Antichrist prophecies, look them up at prophecies org You will be amazed. Remember the press willsay he is dead, but he will miraculously come back to life! Rev 13;3

  40. Attn Mark,

    The Sumerian Abram/Abraham was Initiated and educated by the Temple Priest in Egypt. He was a stargazer and astrologist.
    The Egyptian Prince called Moses worshipped the Moon God until he was taught to worship the Sun god(s) in Egypt.

    Did you know that blasphemy is a serious sin as is lying? You need to look up some testimonies of those who have been shown the reality of hell.

  41. I agree with your post.

    Madona like many so call popular singersare involved in the occult and many for success have even sold their souls the devil.

    Pacts with the devil are real and many of this artists are just promoting the evil one with their songs, music, stage theatre, videos and clothing etc.

    We live in world where darkness seems to be winning and many just ignore it because they are unconsciouly choosing darkness it is more confortable to the lifestyle they choose to live.

    The good news is that even though darkness is having its hour as hour Lord Jesus Christ said, it will only last as long as Our Lord permits it.

    Why??? because Our Lordesus Christ already won the war against evil.

    But those who choose the enemy over Our Lord and all that is good and of the light be prepare because ETERNAL FIRE AWAITS YOU!

  42. I agree with your post.

    Madona like MANY so call popular singers are involved in the occult and many for success have even sold their souls to the devil.

    Pacts with the devil are real and many of these artists are just promoting the evil one with their songs, music, stage theatre, videos and clothing etc.

    We live in world where darkness seems to be winning and many just ignore it because they are unconsciouly choosing darkness since it is more confortable to the lifestyle they choose to live.

    The good news is that even though darkness is having its hour as Our Lord Jesus Christ said. The good thing is that it will only last as long as Our Lord permits it.

    Why??? because Our Lord Jesus Christ already won the war against evil.

    But those who choose the enemy over Our Lord and reject all that is good and of the light be prepare because ETERNAL FIRE AWAITS YOU!

  43. Amazing how so many souls have sold out for short term fame and riches on earth vs. Life eternal with God and his saints. Please pray for their conversion before they pass on.

  44. WOW….I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry. Posts such as these are exactly what has turned people from the light and love of God. Such darkness and gloom. Where exactly is your joy?? I’m certainly not feeling it here. “by their fruit who will know them.” hate to tell you your fruit is rotting on the vine. Prayers of peace and love to you all.

  45. Ugh. So glad I don’t worship football 😉 So we have competing Ishtars now, ha ha. Lady Ga Ga (sp?) and Madonna, duking it out for who gets to be/represent the Whore of Babylon. That and so much more. This is a fascinating world when you see it from God’s understanding!! Fascinating but dreadfully lost. 🙁

  46. I believe you got it right Sharon, some people just don’t want to see the meaning to things of this nature for whatever reason.
    I did not watch any of the game or “show” because I really believe that the “super stars” have indeed sold their souls to Satan for earthly success. I believe that most people in the entertainment industry do have a Satanic connection attached to their success.
    I know that certain sounds do have an addictive nature, once you hear them you do not want to stop listening to the sounds.
    The people in Hollywood have to have a direct connection with Satanic spirits to have the knowledge that they have about some of the material used in their films, this knowledge is being used to condition humans to accept and reach out to demonic forces. The information is also being shared with our military about outer space and with the Nephilim that are being created again just as the Bible has warned us about in the “End Times”.

    Keep up the good work Sharon.

  47. At age 70, I know a lot of “old sayings” that remain true. One of my favorites:

    “If you can keep your head & sanity while all around you, others are losing theirs, perhaps you don’t fully understand the situation!”

    response to ‘marty’
    If you could find “light , love, & the joy of God” in that performance, you serve a different god than this site serves. I pray you find the “Peace” of the One, True, God..of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob….Jesus, The Christ.

  48. Excellent observations…….please note that the middle finger represents Saturn in palmistry.

  49. Wow. Your all out of your minds

  50. @kathleen
    The saying is :”if you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you” it’s from the poem “if”

  51. Geesh! So much ado about nothing.
    When you look for evil you will find it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the halftime show. Madonna’s music is timeless.
    She did what she was supposed to do….entertain.
    Yes it was a complete goddess knock off representation. so what.
    What do you expect from a queen of the NWO? Madonna is who she is and who she has been from the get go. So what.
    she was entertaining.
    Let it go at that.

  52. Actually, her last song was “Like A Prayer,” not “Open Your Heart.” Just saying.

  53. Funny, I am very happy that Jesus is coming back soon. I am extremley pleased there will be an end to rape and hate and greed and war and the government of man and a hundred other evils we see and read dailey.

    I have a hard time thinking that believers go to foot ball games or worse “churches ” install teevees so their people can watch. It is worse than chocolate crosses at easter.

    But in this case I am glad that some believers saw this performance by Madonna and had their eyes opened. Maybe they will reailze how close we are to the end and will get their hearts perfect before the Lord.

  54. Sharon,

    I completely agree with you. For years, a lot of us ignored the obvious symbolism and bizarre behavior that has accompanied these Hollywood celebrities. When you see the same repetitive hand signals, the same strange symbolism over and over again, you can see a very definite pattern forming.

    Couple that with the fact that most of these celebrities live as heathens and pagans. That’s not judgment; that’s fact. They swap partners and spouses like a lot of people change their clothes. They open themselves up to risk, failure and destruction.

    They constantly get caught up in strange religions, going to different countries to study these religions. It takes a toll on most of them because so many end up addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many are caught in adulterous affairs and illicit relationships. Some end up in rehab or in jail. Some get caught with sex tapes. Most of them stay in legal trouble.

    They buy $20 million dollar homes and jet all over the world with their current lover of choice. People literally worship them as though they’re gods. That’s just the part that we’re allowed to see. God only knows what goes on behind closed doors. They’re not normal (not that many people are), but they live a lifestyle very few will ever live.

    There was a message in that Super Bowl half-time show. Madonna is still serving the same god that she was twenty years ago. She’s a sick individual. Years ago, when her “Like a Prayer” video aired on MTV, it was full of sacrilege and blasphemy. I see that nothing has changed.

  55. Thank you, for your eyes, so that I would not have to put such wickedness before mine. Thank you for your mind and your gift of writing. Thank you for sharing, so I would have a resource to help provide an answer.

    When the report came to me about the half-time show I knew something powerful had taken place. This work will be shared with inquiring minds to give warning, hope and the answer. Jesus, the Christ, the only begotten Son, of the One True Living God.

    Blessings. Protection. Amen.

  56. I didn’t watch it. I don’t plan to. I did some pics. Very good analysis. People are fools. It is designed to initiate you into the cult of Satan.

  57. Excellent analysis.
    I am writing an in-depth analysis myself and on Yahoo I commented on it after the game. Here is what I said:

    “It is all about the Illuminati Satanic Masonic Ritual Programming. Watch closely! Look at the floor, the wardrobe, the supernatural elements and defilement of God. “I fell out of the sky.”, “Just like a prayer.” L.U.V. means LUcifer Venerated. It is all about ushering in the New World Order, and The antichrist. Check out the ALL SEEING EYE and all the pyramid symbology. Not to mention the highly homosexual content both in the performance and in The Elton John commercial. FInally, Madonna is used as the Goddess DIANA as in the City of Diana= InDIANA+Polis.

    Does the wardrobe look like that of cheerleaders? No! It is Egyptian Occultism as in the letter M on the Masonic aprons. And the constant opening of the women’s legs and moving their hand to their vagina. Yes, this is vulgar, a blatant insult to every Christian in America. So many Masonic codes in this to make your head spin. The Black Magician is this man called C LO Green, hood and all! Black Satanic Mass at the Super Bowl?
    All who do not see the ALL SEEING EYE swirling and the Orwellian DoubleSpeak of WORLD PEACE which means WORLD WAR are illiterate and need MANIPULATTI deprogramming sessions. If you need help, just go to my site. Do your own research and wake up! Grow up! BABYLON AMERICA has been marked yet once again by the Principalities of Darkness. And do not get me started with all the massive social acclimation to THE AGENDA. A woman giving the finger to the WORLD is not an insult only, it is a DAEMONstration of sexual cultic behaviour. Is the finger not referring to the make genitals? Was the entire performance not Masonically and Ritualistically connected to this 2012? Hosea 4:6 to those who fail to undertsand.”

    Fortunately, I managed to d-load the video for analISIS, extremely deep programming here. Very well-studided and planned by the Master Elite.

    Be blessed,


    Alexander Backman

  58. Hi Sharon, Read your chapter in the book Pademonium’s Engine exposing transhumanism the mixing of the human DNA and all that it entails of also mixing human genes with animals just like it was in Noah’s day as well. Genesis 6.. But the people just don’t believe us now do they? What you write in the book was excellent. As I was reading it, I saw what you were saying concerning Rev 13.. even before I finished it.

    Been writing prophetically for the “REAL” Lord Jesus for almost forty years and it amazes me –but it really shouldn’t– how ignorant of the devices of the enemy the Lord’s people are and the lack of doing their homwork and in-depth research and study of God’s Word— that many and not few of God’s people do not do.

    This whole show at the Super Bowl was very obvious that the devil, satan, the dragon and who is the devil is making his plans known right in the people’s Face…!

    Time as we know it is running out for this generation and all the Lord told us to watch for is here and increasing daily. The church, the body of Jesus needs to repent.. No sold put believer of any maturity in Christ Jesus should be watching what is on mess that is on TV.. Its all just conditioning the people to stay asleep..unforunately–Amen.

    We believers are in the world but NOT of it.. the word tells us if we love the things of the world, the love of the Father is not in us.. Also God tells us to touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you.. Its very late.. Blessings in Him to you. Keep up the good work..I write from my email address..The Sound of a Trumpet- The Lion Hath Roared Publications..Email R888@centuerytel. net. Would love to hear from you.. Rosemary

  59. Dont put me in no crowd. I hate sports and I hate chick music. I listen to bands like Deep purple and Black Sabbath.Madonna is about as relevant to me as I dont know what. She has about as much occult power as Mickey Mouse.

  60. Didn’t see it, haven’t had a functioning television in several years. There was an Orthodox saint, Saint Kosmos of Aetolia, who wrote around 1789 that he saw the devil shouting in boxes in people’s houses. And his horns sprouted on the roofs.

  61. Thank you for helping us to understand the evil symbolism behind all
    this “TV shows”. Let us pray for all these people , they need it, they are blind and deceived , walking straight to hell…They need our prayers , Jesus it is their only hope ..Mt 18:18-20

  62. I see anubis in the opening horns, not baphomet

  63. So many seem to have chosen sides in a spiritual battle while many christians still wonder if the bible is actually truth….Some might get away with Enlightenment theology, but baphomet and anubis symbolize both demonism, satanism and ugliness…We almost expect a wardrobe malfunction, or obscene gesture… there any question of the spiritual affiliation of those who run such shows as the superbowl? Along with all the fortune and fame seems to come a membership in a very dark cult

  64. A show worthy of the Antichrist. The entire performance was in honor of the damned in hell.

  65. Thanks foe your excellent analysis. I watched it and I’m glad I did because although it gave me the willies- I wanted to see what the masses are being exposed to.
    It was much worse than I thought it would be- blatantly satanic.
    Strangely the thing that got to me the most was the large all seeing eye on the floor shortly near the end- and then “world peace”- further sucking people (sheeple?) in to believe the lie straight from hell

  66. I usually never watch the halftime show but this year I did.I was so consumed with looking to see if madonna was going to have some sort of wardrobe malfunction or sing something vulgar or kiss someone that all the symbology stuff went over my head.I would have never gotten any of what is mentioned in this article which makes me wonder…what is the point of all this supposedly satanic symbolism if it does’nt even register with most of the viewers.Here I was thinking she played it safe and avoided doing anything controversial.I found the whole thing extremely boring,over the top..with madge looking slow and old in her moves.The way they squeezed in all those other overated under talented so called artists reminded me of a bad pepsi commercial.If these symbols are for real and she knew what she was can only pray for her soul..what good is it to gain the world and lose your soul.Life is too short and too’d think madge would see this now that she’s approaching her old age.Despite all her training and working out,plastic surgery..the body still slows and breaks one here gets out alive..unfortunately too many celebrities forget that at their own peril.

  67. I loved this art, Onthis day myself and four other guy;s got together in bed and had our own orgy sure felt good. Love is great GaGagagaggga

  68. Very good analysis. Boy, these so called stars sure love to reenact pagan/occult rituals to subliminally indoctrinate their audiences, or whatever else they think they are accomplishing, like last year at the grammy’s when Lady Gaga reenacted the story of Ishtar by emerging from a giant egg. Sad that most people have no clue as to what’s going on, they think it’s just entertainment.

  69. hi, thanks so much for this great article. i did not see it yet but will watch it today. May God have mercy on us! i believe the red M stands for the freemasons who are behind this new world order, aka, illuminati. these symbols are everywhere in the USA and the world for all to see in plainsight and their meanings are real……anything to do with God is considered bad in this world andall evil is seen as good anymore…….am going to get into the Bible today…..etching my way back to my Lord.not much time left……..hoping people wake up and listen. thanks again and may God bless u all!

  70. The show was indeed a ritualistic praising of/to Baphomet. To James who posted about not keeping the Holy Day, I understand your point but actually the seventh day is to be set aside for worship and that day according to the calendar we all live by (in America) is a Saturday.

    I find it interesting that in this day and age where Christianity is more and more under attack, and the Bible is being described as ramblings of the past and poppycock and make believe. The good that the Bible brings to humanity is shunned while the evils that it warns of and offers protection from is being sought after and welcomed. Look how many people on the internet have “666” before or after their nicknames.

    The beautiful part of all of this is that I know in the end that satan is going to get his ass kicked!

  71. Sharon – very eyeopening indeed! Please email me – I would like to schedule you for an interview on a nationally syndicated talk radio show “Call to Decision.” This needs to be broadcast far and wide – thank you for all you are doing! Erin

  72. All the links,, or most links?,, from this website to youtube are broken,,

  73. Symbolism IS the language of the occult.

  74. Greetings Sharon: Outstanding journalism. The Magnified View is directing traffic to your Blog.

    The Arab Spring has sprung with Chairman Obama’s facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood control of Libya and Egypt.

    Cultures Clash and Civilizations Crash.

    Communist Revolution Is Coming To A Neigborhood Near You.


    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.

  75. I found it very confusing to watch and the whole show didnt make any sence. Now I understand why, Thanks for sharing. Also I might add that I did not watch the super bowl my friend sent me an attachment of your article , then I watched the show, how bizzare. Id like to know who wrote the show for her because shes not smart enought to think of all that lol!!! In Vermont!

  76. Nice work. I came to similar conclusions as well. Very out in the open now. “Revelation Of The Method” as per Michael Hoffman. If you’d like to see some of my connections, go to;

  77. MDNA EH?

    mephistopheles DNA?

  78. Excellent article. Everything was right on. Many of us are coming awake to the blantant evil that is around us. We definitely are in the last days before the Day of th Lord(Yehovah).

  79. y’know the more i watch the end it looks like she is jettisoned to the abyss where she sings the final word “home.”

    doesn’t she look 30yrs younger? maybe she’s had the dna enhancements! the mdna! maybe that will be a selling point.
    you can be like madonna.

  80. This gave me the creeps while watching this live. My wife and I picked up on the satanic mass at the end and were disgusted. After reading your article, (linked at Steve Quayle’s website) and another article, I was shocked at how much of the symbolism we missed. Perhaps the reason we got the creeps was because subliminally, we did get the message.

    While watching it again, I noticed the “eye” on the floor had a dilated pupil. Years ago I read a study that the pupil will dilate slightly when the viewer sees something attractive (like when men see women, women see babies). This response is imperceptible on a conscience level, but recogognized by the opposite sex as attractive. This eye pupil was abnormally dialalated like a predator. (Watch a cat when it’s ready to pounce.)

    Thank your for this information. I’ve aleady passed it on to whoever will listen.

    God bless.

  81. Author

    @Phil in Vegas – Thanks, Phil! I can understand how you and many others who’ve commented here felt creeped out or even depressed after seeing this ‘show’. I spent two hours playing this video over and over again on Monday morning in preparation for writing this article, and I found myself feeling very depressed for the next two days! Thanks for posting the comment.

    And to everyone who has posted comments: Thanks! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to write, whether you agree with me or not. May the Lord help us all to have clear vision as we face the challenges that lie ahead. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings! — Sharon

  82. All I can say is “RIGHT ON!”

  83. It is to be remembered and kept in mind, that on super bowl sunday, during the half time show there is magic and witchcraft being worked by the illuminati and their schills. Those schills, their servants and workers have sold sold their souls to the devil to have the temporal success and wealth they have in the here and now. They have been fooled because after their deaths they will have complete destruction in the lake of fire. Paul McCartney performed his show and performed the spell that was cast upon all those watching.He had a “nickname” in the past-recall that it was Apollo. Madonna did that as well. The show was performed in plain sight before 111 million viewers and few of us discerned what was going down right before our eyes.

  84. Michael: If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, know what was going on. And break those things over your flock. Look at the e-mail address. Who do you think sent this to you ?

  85. how true sue.

    satan pays well but, has a crummy retirement plan!

  86. I didn’t see the show. I kid you not, I was on the floor in my room talking to JESUS (praying). When I was finished it was over. Maddona is desperate. Pray for her and Lady Gaga.

  87. For a full understanding of what is being portrayed here search: The “ABOMINATION” THAT “DESOLATES”! ( ).

    The realization “MUST” be made aware that everything you are seeing and hearing is indeed one thing. This has existed and been worshiped since the garden when EVE became Illuminated by the light bearer. It is the Luciferean System of Satanic- “SUN” Worship / Babylon “MYSTERY” Religion / 666 that Paul spoke and warned of; of which Pontifex Maximus ( the Pope) is the (Head) High Priest visible of this system; who is under the Black Pope(Superior General of the Jesuit Order) and his Jesuits (Society Of Jesus) (Invisable).

    (Search my “archives”)

    Babylon “MYSTERY” Religion / Lucifer “SUN” Worship (666) video:
    avenueoflight dot com/2011/12/1417/

  88. Sharon, didnt know where else to post: At the grammies,
    another Black Mass(the sacrifice of the Mass wherein Catholics believe the sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross is continued with the bread and wine becoming the Body and Blood of Christ as He asked to be remembered in the Last Supper…This is distorted and reversed in a black mass with a human sacrifice, usually a virgin or an unbaptized baby).
    I watched DOwnton Abby on PBS and when it was over at 11:11 went to my news channel for the weather and my jaw dropped at the spectical. I watched for a minute, turned it off and prayed for the souls of the impressionable teens tuned in. Horrible. Was Whitney the major sacrifice for this specticle? Like some say princess Diana was? A major part of one of David ICke’s books details that. THe disbelief of the general public plays right into the hands of this evil.

  89. Good write up…nice to see so many are not asleep. Our rulers (Black Nobility, aka Illuminati) have been using Mind Control Slaves and Hollywood appartaus to celebrate their worship system, and indoctrinate us for longer than most can imagine…

    See how deep the rabbit hole goes — and yes, she is a
    Certified Monarch Mind Kontrolle Slave

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  90. I see that Media Matters and it’s army of insecure gays has found your site. The organization on the Internet at the same time the United States is attacking 7 Muslim countries is no accident. Both the Superbowl and Grammy performances were Black Masses under a light veil.

  91. Oy such small minded people taking the biggest leaps of logic with the loosest association

    If you want to see something evil and you stretch your criteria of connection to the limit. M=13? really? What about her last name starting with C which is the 3rd letter which must be an unholy trinity!!!! Bollocks all of this. If living in abject ignorance is salvation, then hail satan


    All those who follow the pied piper illuminati music industry will go straight to hell if they do not repent. Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit and trust in Jesus alone before it is too late.

  93. Sharon, forget the naysayers. You are spot on in your interpretation. Really, interpretation is not even necessary; the thing was so obvious and blatant. The endorsers of this deeply occult black ritual will all fall with the Beast. Madonna needs to watch her back as the ritual seems to indicate her demise. I think she believes she will be going HOME to Paradise. How deceitful the devil is.

  94. BTW: SUBERB OWL is the real meaning of ‘Superbowl’. The owl deity is very prevalent in the devil’s myriad disguises as different ‘deities’. The morons at the Bohemian Grove male orgies grovel under a giant owl god.

    I knew a guy in Mexico that married a Mexican woman and had an anchor baby LOL in Mexico with her so he could establish his business there. As soon as the farce was over, he divorced her. He then came out as a flaming sodomite. He put a giant OWL on the counter of his restaurant adjacent to his little hotel. A guy moved in with him.
    This is when the OWL deity came to my attention. He sneaked around at night and I knew he was going to occult meeting, rituals.

    He was from Germany and when his mother came to visit, I knew just by looking that these people were affiliated with the ‘former’ Nazi party.

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