The Periodic Tabernacle

Today’s Reading Exodus 15:19 – Exodus 28:43

This section of the book of Exodus is filled with glimpses into the character of Yahweh, LORD God of Israel. We see His glory as He arrives on the mount of Sinai, where He begins to teach Moses about His laws. The LORD also gives specific instructions for the building of His tabernacle, His tent, where He will rest and receive animal sacrifices for the atonement of the people. If you are new to this section of God’s word, please do not skip through it. These laws are filled with God’s persona and His expectations. If you’ve read Exodus numerous times, then try to get at the original language through study tools.

And, you might take a look at a unique perspective that I discovered just today.

While reading Exodus 26, I began wondering why the feet of each tent post had to be based in silver. Silver, as you probably know, is an amazing conductor of electricity; in fact, it is the BEST conductor, surpassing copper. Radio frequency engineering employs silver sheathing for wires. So, consider this webpage, whose author contends that the tent of the LORD is more than the earthly representation of the tabernacle residing in Heaven, but is also a 3-D model of the Periodic Table! You can find the website here.

I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with the findings at the above website, but the author’s conclusions are intriguing!