Bible in 90: The Red Sea Challenge

Today’s reading: Exodus 1:1 – Exodus 15:18

I always think of Humpty Dumpty when reading about Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea. ‘All the king’s horses and all the king’s men’, of course, substituting ‘Pharoah’ for ‘king’, rush after Moses–to their doom.

One item that stood out for me this time through is that the angel of the Lord joined forces with the pillar of cloud to hold back the mighty army of chariots and riders until all the Hebrew men, women, children, and livestock had safely crossed to the other side. This took all night, but the pillar and the angel kept it ‘dark’ on Pharoah’s side but ‘light’ on Moses’ side. Amazing!

The LORD God Almighty has not changed since then. He is the same today as He was during Moses’ day, and He loves each of us so much that He sent not just a pillar of cloud, but He sent His only Son. Before you meet Christ, all is dark, but once you meet Christ as Savior, all is light and joy and He makes your paths straight! No, this doesn’t mean that we don’t meet challenges like the Red Sea, but if we trust Him, we’ll cross through the troubles, and we’ll rejoice on the other side.

Do you know Christ as Savior? Now is the best time to talk to Him. And it could be your last chance. Jesus Christ died for you. Just trust in His sacrifice, ask Him to save you, and He will.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I just finished “Evil Winds.” I can not wait to read the next book. It’s not very often that I can find a book that catches my attention so quickly. I do more research than anything so it is refreshing to read “fiction” that has such a depth of truth to it. I am hooked and I plan on reading all your books now. I enjoy fiction but I am bias about the type of fiction I will read. Your views and ideas parallel so much of what the Lord has been ministering to my husband and myself for several years. Thank you for your courage to take such a bold and truthful stand in precarious times such as this.

    I would like to ask you a couple of serious questions that I believe you may be able to answer for me considering that you are a biologist and this is an area of expertise for you. I have been researching biological warfare for several years. I believe that when you consider the amount of people that will die during tribulation, disease must be a huge contributor. Most people are very uncomfortable with the idea of something like this so it is very hard to find someone who is even willing to talk about it let alone answer any questions. With the zombie craze these days you have to wonder if there is a spiritual connotation behind it. Have you seen the movie 28 days later and the sequel 28 weeks later? Do you think that there is such a disease in existence and that this could be how so many people die so quickly during tribulation? When the Antichrist spirit enters the world do you think that something like this is likely to follow and that it could be a spiritual disease of demon possession that will drive the host insane. No different than the man with the legion of spirits in the graveyard in scripture.

    Feel free to email me your answer if this is to serious of a subject to answer here.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to your response!

  2. Oops… I meant “Winds of Evil.” LOL! Oh and if you do see this as a possibility… what are the odds of a book about it in the future?? (HINT) :)))

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