Parapertussis Outbreak in Minnesota

[I]f you’ve noticed a rise in whooping cough in your area, then it might not be the classic case of pertussis. Over the past decade or so, healthcare professionals have noticed that many cases of ‘whooping cough’ are actually caused by B. parapertussis rather than it’s genetic ‘cousin’ B. pertussis. The former presents with symptoms almost identical to pertussis, but a bit milder. Here’s a link to this morning’s article about a current outbreak in Minnesota.

Symptoms are similar to classical disease but current vaccine is no protectionSource: Whooping Cough’s Rare Cousin Caused Outbreak | Medpage Today

Parapertussis infection has been shown to increase 40-fold in mice who have been vaccinated against pertussis, so it may be that widespread vaccination is actually offering parapertussis a chance to thrive. Let me know if you notice any major outbreaks in your area using the contact form below. Thanks!