Don’t Let the Little Foxes Spoil Your Day

[A] couple of weeks ago, Derek and I mentioned the ‘little foxes’ that sometimes are sent by the enemy to distract and discourage Christians. This phrase comes from the Song of Solomon 2:15, which says:

“…catch the foxes for us;
the little foxes
that spoil the vineyards,
for our vineyards are in blossom.”

The word translated as ‘foxes’ actually refers to a burrowing animal, possibly a jackal that ruins the vines by digging into the roots. The Song of Solomon (sometimes called the ‘Song of Songs’) is a picture of the relationship between Christ and His Bride, and it shows how much He loves us and longs to be with us. In this chapter, the Bride is speaking, and she asks her beloved (Christ) to ‘catch the foxes for us’. But how often do we–as members of the Bride of Christ–actually ask Him for help with the ‘little foxes’?

Well, no sooner had we mentioned it than those sly foxes came flying out of the woods at us. Our lawn mower caught fire, our roof sprang a leak, Derek sprained his ankle, and a few nights ago the closet shelf slammed to the floor (with a major thud, taking all Derek’s clothes with it) and woke us from sound sleep. Now, not one of these things is a major, life-changing event, but taken together–one after another–those foxes were beginning to wear on us. That’s when our beloved Savior reminded us to call Him and ask Him to catch those foxes for us. Derek and I are blessed to have each other to lean on for strength, but ultimately we lean upon Christ’s mighty shoulders.

As Derek and I said in that morning’s Gilbert House Fellowship, the ‘little foxes’ are sent to throw us off track, and they often succeed because they are perceived as too commonplace, too small to take to the Lord in prayer–but we are told to bring all things to Him. Philippians 4:6 says:

…do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

This verse tells us to bring all things to him through prayer. Nothing is too small, too big, too commonplace, too difficult, or even too ‘oh not that again’ for the Lord. He love us! So, when those critters start burrowing beneath your tender roots, when they hit you again and again with annoying nips and bites, when you find yourself wondering if you can take one more annoyance in your day–take it to the Lord in prayer. That’s what He is waiting for–and He has ears just for your voice. He is your beloved. And you are His.