Google Memes Again

goog_eJUST what is the well known search engine company ‘Google’ trying to tell us?  Today’s special ‘logo’ is the second in recent weeks that centers around a UFO theme. The first mystery UFO logo on September 5, 2009 caused a major stir on the web, but was supposedly ‘solved’ when Google tweeted a simple coded message that translated to ‘all your O are belong to us’.


Today’s new UFO tease is also tweeted, along with a set of numbers, linking to a picture here. So, what do the numbers mean? They certainly look like they could longitude and latitude, but each time I do a search for the numbers on ‘Google’, the sites show as ‘harmful to your computer’. I haven’t included the numbers here, just in case they automatically cause Google to list a site as ‘harmful’. You can see them for yourself at Google’s Twitter page.

I plugged the numbers into Google Earth, and the result came out just east of Horsell, England. The location is actually a road in Woking, Surrey and may refer to an H.G. Wells story called The War of the Worlds, which was based in Horsell. Wells’ birthday is on September 21st. 

The first UFO logo showed the ‘O’ being taken, and this new one shows the ‘L’ being removed. What is Google spelling? It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

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  1. Very interesting. Maybe it will be flying saucers from God to come and take us away. 🙂 Just kidding of course…God doesn’t need a starship as was pointed out by Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek V.

    But it would be really nice if the rapture would happen this weekend. It’s Rosh Hashanah. There are some who believe that this feast will be fulfilled at the rapture.

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