H1N1 Vaccine will contain squalene

UPDATE:  Please read comment 2 below and my reply. Thanks!

The DNA-based, H1N1 vaccine that will likely find its way into your children’s arms this fall will contain the adjuvant, squalene. Both the MF59 and ASO3 adjuvants mentioned below are squalene based. Squalene is an oily substance produced by your liver — introducing squalene into the body via a ‘vaccine’ (which contains foreign substances to activate the immune system) can lead the body to consider ALL squalene bad. This can and does result in auto-immune diseases such as lupus, arthritis, and MS.

While vaccine candidates must contain A/California/07/2009-like H1N1 virus and WHO recommends a monovalent live-attenuated vaccine, the following dosing options will be under scrutiny during clinical trials: an unadjuvanted vaccine containing 7.5 ug of antigen per dose, 15 ug per dose or 30 ug per dose; and a vaccine incorporating one-of-two novel oil-in-water adjuvants containing either 3.75 ug of antigen per dose or 7.5 ug per dose.

The two adjuvants in question, MF-59 and ASO3, have yet to be used in any vaccine licensed in the United States and an influenza vaccine containing these components may only be administered under Emergency Use Authorization as provided in section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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According to a recent article at Global Research:

The immune system “see(s) and recognizes it as an oil molecule native to the body. Squalene is not just a molecule found in a knee or elbow – it is found throughout the nervous system and the brain.” When injected in the body, the immune system attacks it as an enemy to be eliminated. Eating and digesting squalene isn’t a problem. But injecting it “galvanize(s) the immune system into attacking it, which can produce self-destructive cross reactions against the same molecule in the places where it occurs naturally in the body – and where it is critical to the health of the nervous system.”

Once self-destruction begins, it doesn’t stop as the body keeps making the molecule that the immune system is trained to attack and destroy.

Now, I’ve received a number of vaccinations in my life–including three rounds of Hepatitis shots that were required when I worked with patients at IU. Coincidentally, it was that same year that my fibromyalgia symptoms emerged. Not surprisingly, you won’t find me lining up to get any more vaccinations. 


  1. Not a chance I’ll be anywhere near an H1N1 vaccine. There is definitely no concern for safety, only profits. That’s the best case scenario as far as I’m concerned. The worst-case scenario is that it has been unleashed on purpose (not by nature), and the vaccine is going to be pushed for profits, and to debilitate/depopulate. I wouldn’t think such “crazy” things, if not for the many examples of people in power and heading corporations (often the same people), purposely harming the population.

  2. Hell no it won’t. Learn how to read as well as you can write and read the facts. US FDA prohibits adjuvants of any kind in any vaccine unless in emergency when there is an immediate threat to the population. The H1N1 vaccine is not being released under emergency measures. While there might possibly be other reasons to ignore the possible benefits of the vaccine, this is not one of them. See last article on http://www.flu.gov/myths/ (And don’t tell me you don’t trust what the govt says on their website. That will make me trust you even less.)

    A number of people have died because they were wearing their seatbelts in a car accident. Does that mean seatbelts should be outlawed? Do you wear yours? Probably not.

    Stop your fear mongering.

    1. Author

      First of all, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Note the date on this post–and remember that the internet reaches a worldwide audience, not just the US.

      Yes, the current vaccine in the US does not contain squalene. I’ll give you that much–however, early reports, at the time when I wrote this article, indicated that the US was looking for a quick fix and as such was seriously considering squalene as a way to stretch a short supply of vaccine.

      While current supplies are squalene free, the US government has awarded millions to pharmaceutical companies for adjuvant research. (See: http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSTRE5974E420091008 )

      The H1N1 vaccines used in the US come from Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Novartis, and Senofi-Aventis. These companies also sell to the European and Canadian markets (and to the World Health Organization), all of which permit squalene adjuvants. As far as I can find, the only countries ordering big supplies of H1N1 vaccine WITHOUT a squalene adjuvant are the US and China. Everyone else is using the squalene adjuvant version.

      Considering that the US is funding squalene research, I don’t think it’s a stretch to state that there’s a possibility that the US ban on squalene may be lifted–and soon.

      Side note: it is curious that the information about the current flu vaccines being distributed in news and on government sites describes an ‘egg-based’ vaccine with no adjuvants. That was not the story in the spring, when it looked like the US (and other countries) were looking for a cell-based production line to speed things along. While the current US vaccine may be chicken egg derived, future vaccines will be cell-based.

      But Novartis is building a cell culture flu vaccine factory in Holly Springs, N.C., which might be ready for use in 2010 or 2011. The federal government is providing nearly $500 million in construction costs and guaranteed vaccine purchases. (from an April 29, 2009 NYT article – http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/29/business/economy/29vaccine.html?_r=2&ref=health)

      I will add a note to the beginning of this article regarding your comment and my reply. Again, thanks for keeping me honest.

      — Sharon

  3. Please update your site…especially about swine flu. HOw doyou really know that these companies have made an h1n1 vaccination that does not contain squalene? Has anyone taken a random sample and tested to see if this is true? For all we know the companies involved are giving the US vaccinations with squalene and thermisol.

  4. Barrack Obama has declared an emergency for this vaccination.

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