Lord James ‘Dead’ or Alive?

3/2/12 UPDATE: The Wikipedia site no longer shows a ‘death date’. If this was a joke, no one’s laughing.
Screen capture taken March 1, 2012 2:30pm Central US


The image above is a screen shot of today’s version of the Wikipedia entry on Lord James of Blackheath. This is the very same Lord James that Derek and I have spoken about on PID Radio. Blackheath is famous in MSM and particularly in altermedia for his ‘Foundation X’ speech and more recently for his claims that American and UK banks have colluded to ‘launder’ 15Trillion dollars. This second, remarkable speech to the House of Lord in London came just two weeks ago on February 16.

Is the entry at Wikipedia correct? As the entry currently stands, no information is included regarding the manner or timing of the baron’s death. The only indication that he has passed on is the death date in the first line. Is someone playing fast and loose with Wikipedia?

Coming right on the tails of Andrew Breitbart’s death, any indication that whistleblower Blackheath might also have died is shocking. Breitbart certainly ruffled many feathers and stood behind a number of journalistic sting operations, the most famous of which involved Anthony Wiener.

We’ll post more as information comes in, but so far we can find no news articles to corroborate the Wikipedia entry.