The Prophecy Summit at Branson 2012 | Prophecy In The News

I’m happy to be included in the list of talented and gifted guests this year along with my handsome husband, Derek! We’ll be conducting interviews for PID and VFTB, and we might host a round table live show if time and scheduling permits.

By (Prophecy in the News) on March 5, 2012 — If J. R. Church were still with us I know he’d be grinning from ear to ear. We’re very pleased to announce that on July 13-15, 2012, Prophecy in the News will be sponsoring its first official prophecy conference in Branson, Missouri! We’re calling it, The Prophecy Summit at Branson 2012: The Final Prophecies Are Here and we’re expecting a standing room only crowd. In just our first three days of registration, we’ve already registered 300 guests, so if you want to be a part of this amazing event, you’ll want to call us TODAY and reserve your seats.You know the names. Gary Stearman, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, Grant Jeffrey, L. A. Marzulli, Avi Lipkin, Noah Hutchings, Larry Spargimino, Bill Federer, Joseph Farah, Doug Woodward, Doc Marquis, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, David Brennan, Ray Gano, Russ Dizdar, Doug Hamp, Steve and Linda Bauer — with several more big names to come.

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