The Obama Birth Certificate and Revisionist Journalism

I’ve tried to remain open-minded about the true birthplace of our nation’s 44th president, but it’s impossible to sit comfortably ‘on the fence’, when online, archived articles undergo sudden revision.

Case in point, an article from January, 2006 that appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser’s online version. Here’s a link to the current version of the article. I happened to read this very article yesterday and made both a printed, pdf version of the article and a screen capture of the now altered section.

The original article, Oct. 15, 2009
The original article, Oct. 15, 2009 - Click to enlarge
Article as edited, October 16, 2009
Article as edited, October 16, 2009 - Click to enlarge

So, what’s the deal, huh? Shouldn’t the paper have titled this edited version as an Update with an explanation? If President Obama truly has the original birth certificate, why not just produce it?

Click for pdf version of full, unedited Honolulu Advertiser Original Article – The section in question is on page 3 of the pdf.

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  1. This is one of my fears I had years ago with the increased use of the Internet for news. The concept is when is a “document” a legal document, if the XML feeds can ( as it appears to be the case here) be edited, deleted or even just go away all together? Unless it is saved and a pat on the back to Sharon , to have saved it as a PDF as this story gets stranger and stranger.

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