Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Globalize ‘Faith’ and ‘Community’

September 25, 2008

WITH ALL THE monumental spin surrounding the looming, United States financial crisis, most would be hard-pressed to notice two potent little events taking place this week: The annual meeting of The Clinton Global Initiative and a special, online event from The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

According to a letter at the Faith Foundation website, September 25th, 2008 marks the ‘the midway point for achieving the goals [Millennium Development Goals] by 2015′.

The Millennium Development Goals, or MDG, are very rarely mentioned by the MSM (mainstream media). The MDG contains 8 stated ‘goals’:

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality and empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development. (such as ‘Develop further an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and financial system’ and ‘ Deal comprehensively with developing countries’ debt’)

While these goals sound lofty and altruistic, there is an underlying universalism to them that should send shudders down every reader’s spine. One might even say that the Millennium Development Goals form the backbone of the New World Order leviathan.

Clinton’s Global Initiative is the 21st Century version of the ‘United Nations’ with a twist — you and I are urged to join up by making a personal commitment to change (see

The Clinton Global Initiative is forging the final world government, complete with global citizenry.

And what about Tony Blair? His Faith Foundation seeks not to connect world leaders and world citizens, but rather to connect world churches. In particular, he appears to be courting the faiths founded through the lineage of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We are urged to consider our commonalities rather than our differences. Again, this sounds lofty and altruistic, and to many it sounds idealistic. However, but this is a dangerous path, for it sets up the One World Church of Revelation (also known as the Whore of Babylon).

Clinton and Blair have joined forces to promote the final New World Order through political, economic, popular, and ecclesiastical means. The United Nations has become a lion with no teeth. Curiously, the UN building is in dire need of renovation if not replacement. As far back as 1999, the New York Times reported the poor condition of the UN headquarters. The building contains asbestos, roofs leak, marble walls threaten collapse, and the entire structure is an environmentally challenged eyesore. So, my question is this: Since the UN body has become obsolete and the building derelict, is the Clinton Global Initiative poised to replace it?

As I write this, John McCain is speaking to the CGI attendees in New York. In that same city, world leaders from across the globe meet in a crumbling edifice called the UN building. What if — one day soon — that building collapsed, either due to internal stress or external forces? What then?

Clinton and Blair are poised to take up the gauntlets of government and faith. The New World Order is here, dear friends. Are you ready?


  1. MIDWAY POINT? Now is anyone thinking what I’m thinking? Can they make it any clearer? The economic destruction of the world economy and take over (saving savior) is occuring… the calling home of John Mc Cain who is quoted today on Drudge saying “Time is short and must have a consensus or solution by Monday at the start of Rosh Ha Shanah…. Does the world economic Bail OUT represent the coming out of the one whose “time is short”? And it’s all happening NOW and at the same time… Be ready… It was Jim McCanney who noticed the similarity of the ancient god Baal to Bail Out and posted it on his front page and it sure makes sense to me. Well Done Jim and Sharon for uncovering information so we can judge it for what it is…

  2. “Change” HA HA HA…do a scripture word search on that one and see who it is that would like to think to: “change” things….you know things like times… and laws and oh how convenient their are two of them working together…hmm two very happy witness’s? Who think they’re doing a new thing in the Earth? Ha Ha Ha…
    COUNTERFEITS and imitaters and false Messiyahs…The wise shall understand. Nees I go on?

  3. Drudge already removed the story. Here is the headline and link.

    McCain: Time is short to get bailout plan By Steve Holland Thu Sep 25, 10:16 AM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) –

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Thursday “time is short” to achieve a Wall Street rescue plan as he and Democratic rival Barack Obama headed to Washington to help broker a deal

    McCain said a deal must be achieved by the time financial markets open on Monday to avoid economic calamity in the United States.

    He was speaking in remarks to a global problem-solving organization begun by former President Bill Clinton.

  4. This might sound a little weird, but I just wanted to share. These are my own observations ONLY and may mean nothing. I just found out about the Clinton Global Initiative a few days ago as I watched Bill Clinton get interviewed on TV. What really grabbed my attention was the logo (Of course the name of his initiative itself is enough to give one pause). As I looked at it closer, I realized that it is a stylized “C”, evidently for “Clinton” in orbit around 4 stylized curves that seem to represent the earth. Now this C is made of up 18 stars. These stars are all point down, so that if circles were drawn around each star you would have 18 satanic pentagrams. Additionally the 18 stars are = to 6+6+6. Kinda creepy on many levels don’t you think? I do wonder if there is any signifigance to this, and if the four curves representing the earth could possibly mean something as well. For those reading this, the logo can be viewed at the link to the Clinton Global Initiative in the story above.

  5. There are 19 stars in Clinton’s “C.”

  6. The “glue” that will bring all world religions together is the theology of Cain. The attempt to gain the approbation of God through human good. Simply put, works. Look past the surface of the religions mentioned above. What you’ll find is that they all share the same theology. Self-righteousness. And, that includes the category “Christianity”. With few exceptions, most under the umbrella of “Christianity” pursue some form of works to gain God’s love and acceptance. True Christians recognize the singular path to God, Jesus Christ. The God/man who, through his sacrifice, atoned for human sin. That is, the suffering endured by Jesus Christ, while on the cross, was sufficient to satisfy God the Father’s demand for justice regarding the penalty of all human sin, unlimited atonement. So, don’t be deceived. When world religions make the claim that there are many paths to God. They’re not being truthful. To them, there is one path to God, self-righteousness. The path of destruction. And, it is their arrogant thinking that eventually leads to persecution of those that don’t buy into their false beliefs. The self-righteous don’t like to be told that their works are in vain and that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way.

    In the closing period of the last days, “the lie”, will become more pronounced. What is it? It is to deny that Jesus Christ is the redeemer, the son of God.

    We’re here. The days the Bible refers to as “perilous times”. The writing is on the wall. Be ready. For the translation is imminent. Receive the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Once you believe, your considered “pure”, from a judicial standpoint. Enough said.

  7. TO: KP
    When you say “…For the translation is imminent”, are you referring to the Rapture? Thanks.

  8. KP Yes, the time is at hand^ and I am looking for the change of our corruptible flesh into the incorruptible garment of immortality,”the translation” or catching away promised to those who are found worthy to escape all these things….the root of all evil is the “love”of money…interesting that it is the money “god” who is in the spotlight of the worlds attention right now isn’t it as the “corporate” corporations and banks (counterfeit spirit of the anti-christ in the flesh) that are “helping to gather the kings of the earth” for the final battle as the son of perdition rises to consolidate the “rescue”? I’m thinking of him as the Baal god and “his coming out” party.. All conterfeit types and shadows of the real Messiyah and those who follow him and are looking for His appearing…their works follow them and you will know them by their fruit….I say “And another angel messenger came out of the altar, which has the power over fire(altar fire of judgment); crying with a loud voice to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, thrust in thy sickle, and “GATHER’ THE CLUSTERS OF THE VINE(OF THE EARTH)

  9. Wow, Houston traffic is horrible. I confess my sins every two or three minutes on the way home. I probably should have said “rapture”, Gloria. My apologies. I’ve responded to blogs off and on for about a year now. I make comments, then move on. But, Gloria, your the first person I’ve come across on a blog who has shown an interest in truth or what I like to say, the mind of God. I’ve always had a hunger for answers and I’ve always had a lot of questions. It seems you have the same attitude. Humility. Life is short, precarious. Just looking around us, we know there has to be a God. Planet earth and humanity(including the soul) didn’t just happen. So, knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of the existence of God, I wanted to know where I stand with God. Truth. I wanted “spiritual resolution”. I found it in Jesus Christ. Where I get in a bit of trouble on blogs, is that I get a little too technical. But, one thing I’ve learned is that “ye must be perfect” to “see God”. The disciples said that’s impossible. But, Jesus Christ responded by saying with God all things are possible. That is, because of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, sin is dead. It can wreak havoc in our lives, but from a “spiritual death” point of view, it has no power. So, when we believe in the work of Christ, the gospel. A nonmeritorious command ,we pass from death unto life, are pardoned by God(condemned no more) and are considered, “pure”, “perfect”, “righteous”. Judicially. That is our status from a judicial point of view, even though we still sin in time. I could write forever. There’s not enough space on this blog.

    Gloria and the others on this blog may disagree with me, but that’s the way I see it. The Gentile nations can no longer be counted on to deliver the gospel to the extent tht God intended(my view). The Jews had their day(and will have it again in the near future) and so have the Gentiles. From “blindness in part”, referring to the Jews to the Gentiles(church age) the gospel was to be preached. Today, the church is “lukewarm”. That’s why I believe we are in the closing period of the last days. Judgement is coming. The church will be called home soon. None of us have the exact date, but we can discern.

    Enough said.

    KP, a perfect sinner!

    excuse my typos, I didn’t review.

  10. It isn’t Satan or the Pagan Gods who are responsible for the One World Order.

    It is “god” and those who work for “him.”

    “God” and “The Devil” are backwards and everyone is using Satan as the scapegoat, blaming him, while the REAL villain advances, unchecked.

    WAKE UP!! Satan has NOTHING to do with this, this is ALL “GOD’S” WILL!!

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