Warning Signs

“Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him…

July 10, 2008

WILL WE, OR WON’T WE? That is the question in the minds of many regarding the probability that the US and/or Israel will attack Iran. Not surprisingly, I’ve been keeping my eye on the situation, and here are a few clues as to what might soon occur:

1. Investments put on hold: French, Spanish, and Dutch companies have recently decided not to develop natural gas fields in Iran because the area is “too politically risky”. Do the insiders in these countries know something? Certainly, any investment in Iran’s gas fields now could turn sour if war breaks out — or if the government ‘nationalized’ said fields on a whim (like Hugo Chavez has been doing in Venezuela — and let’s not forget that Chavez and Ahmadinejad are good buddies).

2. Missile testing: Iran has tested long-range missiles that could “put Israel, Turkey, the Arabian peninsula, Afghanistan and Pakistan all within striking distance.” In response, the US has conducted a ‘missile defense test’ involving scenarios that include ships in both the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. Back in January, Israel tested long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

3. US bases on Iran’s border: Secretary of State Rice is ramping up the language by reminding Iran that the US will defend Israel and its allies and that “no one should be confused of that.” Even the US Navy Commander has offered an opinion, vowing that the US would not allow Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz.

5. Congressional Clues: Believe it or not, 200 Congressmen and Congresswomen — including die-hard Democrat Barney Frank! — have signed on to a resolution that effectively calls for a blockade on Iran’s ships in the Strait. The resolution calls on the President to impose “stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran; and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program”.

6. The economy: The US is in deep trouble economically — foreclosures, volatile markets, dollar insolvency, and closing businesses (leading to lost jobs) are fueling a fast ride to an economic depression. Not backed by gold, the dollar relies on ‘confidence’ to remain strong, but those holding dollars are quickly losing faith. Iran’s oil bourse is open for business and trading in euros and yen rather than dollars. Look for this exchange to accept rubles — since Russia has made no secret of its alliance with Iran. Historically, wartime economies ‘boom’ while peacetime economies falter (it takes a lot of industry to feed the war machine). While one might say ‘hey, we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, isn’t that war”, I would answer, “not really”. These are listed as ‘peacekeeping missions’ now (don’t you love semantics?).

7. We’re in an election year: I look at the coming presidential election two ways. One — it will precipitate a fall event regarding Iran and Israel. This is possible for several reasons. George Bush has invested a lot of rhetoric in the game against Iran, and he might wish to go down in history as having removed this grave and growing threat. In return, Ahmadinejad may prefer to go up against his hated enemy, GWB, rather than the likes of a President Obama (who is viewed by some Islam nations as more Muslim than Christian, based on his father’s religion). A fall scenario could occur either preemptively (Israel and/or the US strike Iran’s nuclear facilities) or as response to a perceived attack (along the lines of 9/11). Two — the coming election could actually serve as a buffer between current rhetoric and a major precipitating event. We saw this in 2001. Clinton had dealt with Iraq for years without much action (an aerial attack now and then and a lot of resolutions), leaving the ‘dirty work’ to his political opposition. Perhaps, this same dance will take place in 2008/2009, leaving Obama to take the heat for launching a war.

Bottom Line: The clues are there, if one cares to look. But finally, let’s not forget a very important Bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38. The prophet hears the word of the Lord saying that a great king from the North will suddenly attack Israel along with “Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: [and] many people with thee.”

While many argue over the identity of the King of the North (I’ll go on record as saying I think it is most likely Russia), the identity of the second country is indisputable: Persia (aka Iran). Could the Ezekiel 38 war be just months away — if that? If the AntiChrist wishes to present himself as ‘Christ’ (remember that ‘anti’ means ‘in place of’ as well as ‘against’), then he’ll need a fake Armageddon. The Ezekiel 38 war could fit the bill nicely.

So, what do we do? Pray, my friends. Pray that the will of the Lord is done on Earth, and that you and I make use of every moment we have to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ; that we unfailingly preach Him crucified, risen, and returning; and that we all keep our eyes lifted up, for our redemption truly draweth nigh.


  1. Great article. In my recent article, WAR ON IRAN: THE PERFECT STORM FROM HELL, I go into the advanced biowar that Iran already has that can kill hundreds of millions around the world and how we are apt to see WMD used by both sides in coming war and that the war itself will lead to the Final Battle within a few months.
    Yours in Christ,
    Tim Earl of Stirling

  2. My own belief based on my interpretations of Bible prophecy is that Isaiah 17 is close to being fulfilled. Damascus will cease to be a city and become a heap of ruin. In this time the fat of Jacob will become lean meaning that Israel will be devastated in the process. I believe that it will be this remnant of Israel that will be attacked by the alliance of Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel indicates that God will intervene to show the world that He exists and will not be mocked. The divine intervention will be seen for what it is by believers and passed off as another “coincidence” by the blind and unrepentant.

  3. You said: So, what do we do? Pray, my friends. Pray that the will of the Lord is done on Earth, and that you and I make use of every moment we have to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ; that we unfailingly preach Him crucified, risen, and returning; and that we all keep our eyes lifted up, for our redemption truly draweth nigh.

    Read the message of January 17th, 1990 entitled: “Lift your eyes to Me” Replace the prophets name with yours and with faith and a humble heart believe in what you read!

    God bless your work in Christ!

  4. will the false prophet be like John the Baptist and live “in the shadows” and arise confidently and assuredly to do his master’s bidding? I believe that person is waiting in the wings. We know God through Him revealing Himself to us. Therefore, revelation is the key to understanding His will. Jesus was commanded by Time. Nothing happened before its time. Noah and Abraham knew to listen to God literally. Geniune faith is revealed in one’s desire to be led. Human nature often times doesn’t lend itself to being led. People like to be the masters of their own destinies. Unfortunately, man did not create himself, therefore, man is dependent upon God for his existence. When man fails to appreciate that it is as if he is showing God the door. Who in their right mind would show Jesus to the door and ask Him to leave. Would we do that to our mother, our father, our brother, our child? Then why do it to Our Savior? Who out there has a friend that will accept you the way you are and help you grow and mature in love. Would that friend give up all worldly things and wear sandals and rags and walk everywhere? Would that friend fast for 40 days and nights on your behalf? Would your friend disavow themselves from personal glory? Would that friend graciously and courageously be humiliated on your behalf? Would that friend tolerate being spat on and take it like a man without retaliating? Would that friend suffer beyond belief for you? And after taking on all your punishment, that friend still loves you even greater than the moment that just passed. No greater friend is there than the one who lays down life for thee. Jesus laid His down for us and we must lay ours down for Him. That is the true circle of life….the true essence of being.

    Peace be with you

  5. Don’t worry. Satan and his demons would like nothing better than to have you and I shaking in our boots that “every man’s sword will be against his brother”. The only thing you have to be afraid of is that which tries to steal your soul. Pray…rejoice because we were chosen to live in these days. Be salt and light to this broken materialistic world. Peace in Christ.

  6. Everyone should read a book called EPICENTER by Joel C.Rosenberg You will find everything Sharon Gilbert has stated in his
    book, plus much more.

  7. Don’t forget: Psalm 83 also predicts a war that is NOT Gog/Magog. Perhaps what we’re going to see is this war as a preparation for Gog/Magog.


  8. Dolores- she is absolutely correct. As a Benedictine Oblate, we are taught to guard and keep our interior peace, let the world attend to the world and let us attend to God. Let all that we do be for the greater glory of God. Peace be to all of us my bretheren for we know what we must face and let us rejoice because as Dolores says…we were chosen to live in these days. Let us live right and live well in peace, joy and happiness for when He comes and asks, “Who believes in Me?”, we can say- Here we are Lord, we believe and we are yours. God bless all of you with peace. We have a lot to prepare for and a lot to learn.

  9. Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Lets do all we can to help humanity whoever it is by all our means as the time draws near. Lets pray at all times cause we are human and we need to remain in God’s grace. May the Lord Jesus protect us and guide us on this difficult journey full of struggles. Lets do our best to keep away from sin and please the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Our Brother , Redeemer and Saviour.


  11. I once heard Fr. John Corapi say in a talk at a seminar; ” as the church goes, so goes the world”, this was many years ago and I believe it. So I also believe it is our abuses of the Holy Eucharist after Vatican II that have brought us to where the world is today. The severity of, and/or the way prophesy is fulfilled has a great deal to do with the actions of Christ’s church (it’s members) most especially how devoted and sincere our bishops and priests obey the vicar of Christ, and then how we the laity respond. We need to get back to kneeling, genuflecting, recieving the Eucharist worthily, going to confession, doing our Friday penance, following proper liturgical ritual, being silent in church, praying from the heart, and most importently we must put an end to abortion and sexual sins, especially those of us who say we are Catholic but follow a lifestyle that says we are not. Voting for those who support and advance these things is what gets us in trouble. God will judge us (the nation) on the type of leaders we select. We TRUELY are what we do, not what we call ourselves.

  12. St. Ignatius, who was held by Jesus as a baby, is credited with the creation of the label Catholic, meaning universal or general. During that time the early church had argued amongst itself over whether the inclusion of gentiles was appropriate or not. But when you look back at John the Baptist, a soul whom Jesus said was uniquely blessed, his entire mission was to alert people of Christ’s coming. He baptized people into the faith. But did he teach them how to be Christian? That was the job of Jesus. Jesus did not just come as a lamb to pay for the sins of the world, but He came also as a teacher or rabbi. We learned completely and decisively from the teachings of Jesus how to conduct ourselves as Christians. The two primary goals are to love God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. The success of these will ensure the success of all else. Jesus was never a Catholic or a Protestant….He was never a Muslim or a Buddhist. He never proclaimed to be a Hindu or a Mormon. Religion was created by man to divide one another. Faith was created by God to unify each other. Religion will ensure the health and happiness of materialism and traditionalism. Religion cares for buildings more than starving children. John the Baptist was not fit to loose the sandal of Jesus. We are not fit to loose the sandal of John the Baptist. We are so consumed by prestige and classification that we miss the whole point of faith. If you can lose all you have in this world and still thank God for your mere being, then you can feel secure that you are saved. Jesus entered the world with one thing and left with one thing….as He preached and walked everywhere all He had was His Word. He was and is the Word so He was like a Walking Bible. All a true believer has is their witness. That is what a disciple is…..a witness to the Truth. That is all John the Baptist was….and he lost his head for it. What are you willing to give up to proclaim the kingdom of God? Love has no label….it only has an author….God knows you better than you know yourself. And is God a Catholic? a Protestant? a Muslim? a Hindu? The term God is so impersonal at times….since Jesus was known as Yeshua when he WALKED everywhere…he didn’t ride on papal planes and live in lakeside palaces….Yeshua’s father has a name…don’t be fooled by world religion that will use the term God to entrap you into a false religious system. The world system is the beast. Religion is a system….faith is a reaction…in order to have faith something first must exist….to have faith in…..therefore, faith is a reaction to something…usually unseen. If Yeshua’s father, Yahweh, has chosen to remain unseen and only heard then it means the duty of a “follower” is to listen and obey…it is only when we judge that we begin to divide…..if John the Baptist was to enter into modern day churches he would be viewed as an eccentric…somebody to be cast off by the fortunes of life. Jesus was poor, wore rags and sandals and walked everywhere…he fasted often and prayed even more. John the Baptist had even less. They did not live a life of want…they lived a life of devotion and service. There is no money in heaven…render unto caesar what is caesar’s. Most christians refuse to lay their lives of comfort and convenience. Would Jesus live like that knowing there are starving children everywhere? Would you be willing to fast each week as He did and give all you have so an elderly lady can possess the slightest dignity of being able to have groceries or heat in the winter? We all have a part to play….in your community find out who the needy are…be with them, invite them regularly to your home, minister to them…love them! And don’t ask anything from them…except that they know Jesus. Jesus has promised believers eternal peace and joy…a mansion in heaven…no more tears and pain. Is this not enough? Seek humility….know Jesus….and live! To know Jesus is to do His Father’s Will….it is as simple as that. Do each day that which is pleasing to God.

    Peace be with you

  13. Persia may be “indisputable but Israel certainly is not. The house of Israel was evicted from Palestine 2700 years ago and has never gone back. They are in their “appointed land(s)” (I Sam.7:10)
    Furthermore, Ez. 38 says Gog comes against the “land of unwalled villages”, when the people are living in peace. This cannot possibly refer to “Israel” today. It has more walls than anyplace on the planet and the Kazarian Yahad (Strong’s # 3054) who infest the Holy Land keep building more. Remember, Ashkenaz was the nephew of Magog, and the Ashkenazi Jews were the ones who prybarred the land unto themselves by terror and violence. They are Gog. If you want to see this invasion google: *George Washington’s vision*

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