Finding My Voice

My final performance was on the day after my diagnosis, when I MC’d “Military Memories’ for the Coles County Chorus.

Some of you may already know that I’ve had voice problems on and off for years. For a long time, I assumed this was due to thyroid problems that have plagued me for over a decade, but recently a significant loss of range led me to think it might be more. After visiting two different otolaryngologists, I finally got the answer, though not one I wanted to hear. My vocal cords have two nodules (one on each side). Nodules (also called ‘nodes’) are sort of like calluses on our hands or feet; they are points of irritation or repeated injury.

Now, I have always been very careful with my voice, both when I speak and when I sing, so I knew this wasn’t due to abuse. Indeed, the doctor didn’t think so either, but she did suspect post-nasal drip coupled with possible reflux. She saw ample evidence of the former, but she also told me that reflux is sometime silent but very damaging. So, I’m now on meds for both situations with orders to keep my trap shut for two months. Hence, no new PID Radio this past Sunday. Sorry about that.

The diagnosis came on a Friday morning. The very next afternoon, I was scheduled to perform the Mistress of Ceremonies duty for Derek’s barbershop chorus, The Coles County Chorus. I’d put in plenty of time rehearsing and helping Derek put together the intros, so I had no intention of ‘bowing out’. Not only did I pull it off (the Lord gave me a clear voice that day, praise His Name!), but I also managed to belt out a Kate Smith style ‘God Bless America’ as the finale to the first half of the show. I’ve not sung since, and I miss it.

In the finale to the first half, I got to belt out ‘God Bless America’ as my final chance to sing before clamming up for two months. Kate Smith would have been proud!

Since I can’t speak audibly, I will try to post more often to this site, and I have an idea for a temporary substitute for PID Radio. Since Derek and I can’t ‘talk’ on the phone over lunch (as has been our habit since we first met, we’ve been using the ‘hangout’ feature of Google+ to ‘chat’. Yesterday, I noticed an email from G+ that gave me a ‘printout’ of our chat. Imagine that! Technology to the rescue! (Of course, one could argue that Google has transcripts of every keystroke I make, but that would be ‘paranoid’, right?)

So, what do you think? Shall Derek and I schedule a ‘hangout’? Let me know on Facebook, won’t you? Or, better yet, on Google+! Maybe we can make our opinions known via transcript.

And there’s one more side benefit to being ‘stifled’. I think and plan and plot. And now, I’m writing again. Fiction is such a lovely genre. Thank you, Lord, for fashioning a vast imagination in my mind. And the coolest part is that You’ve promised a new world of blessings that even my active ‘little gray cells’ can’t begin to fathom. Even so come, Lord Jesus!


  1. you are awesome Sharon. I miss hearing your voice on PID, but I still hear it when I read all of your facebook posts 🙂

    1. Author

      Aw, Tom, you’re so nice! I miss talking, but I’m reminded when I do talk now (by my hoarseness) that I simply cannot and should not do so. In the meantime, God’s given me ten fingers and a bunch of keyboards!

  2. This could be a great opportunity for you to write again! You are so vibrant even without your voice. I hope it proves to be an inventive two months! Love, Tiffany

    1. Author

      Thanks, Tiffany! We miss you guys!

  3. Sharon,

    Perhaps, like Paul, you greatest work for the Kingdom will be accomplished while “in prison.” May the prison of silence give you a great voice through the pen. God bless.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Karen. I am becoming more ‘inspired’ to write. God is so good!

  4. I’m almost finished reading the Armageddon Strsin. I love your stye. I have a dachsund Gretchen so that makes us friends. I just published an unique work of fiction called As the Nigris Turns;a tale of endless hope. A young teen with ADHD finds his faith when his canoe capsizes and he finds himself in inchartered territory and alone, there is a tug of war for his soul as the legendary Indian Nigris appears. I want to read all your books.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Vicki. Your book sounds really interesting. Do you have experience with ADHD in your family or friends? Say hi to Gretchen from Sam!

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